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About the Faculty

Speech Communication and Theatre Faculty

Jerry Martin

Professor of Speech communication

Office Number: (740)826-8371

Office Hours:

Jeff Harman

Professor of Speech Communication

Office Number: (740)826-8375

Office Hours:

Gene Alesandrini

Associate Professor of Speech Cimmunication

Office Number: (740)826-8374

Office Hours:

Ron Lauck

Associate Professor of Speech Communication

Office Number:(740)826-8372

Office Hours:

Debbie Phillips

Associate Profess of Speech Communication

Office Number:(740)826-8180

Office Hours

Diane Rao

:Associate Professor of Theatre

Office Number: (740)826-8373

Office Hours

John Cunliffe

Broad Cast Enigneer

Office Number: (740) 826-8378

Office hours:

Scott Millsap

Instucter of Speech Communication

Office Number: (740) 826-8459

Office Hours:

Kim Fox

Instructor of Speech Communication, WMCO

Office Number: (740)-826-8189

Office Hours:

Rachel Pollock

Forensics Coach, Instuctor of Speech Communication

Office Number: (740)826-8458