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Departmental Course Offerings

Included below is a list of all chemistry department course offerings. The course number, course name, and credit hours are included. Full course descriptions are available in the Muskingum University Course Catalog. The department has a wide range of scientitic equipment and instrumentation which are incorporated throughout our course offerings. A list of tentative course offerings for the next two years is available from the Department Chair.

Chemistry 101, The Joy of Chemistry (3)

Chemistry 105, Issues in the Chemical Sciences (4)

Chemistry 111, 112. General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II (4, 4)

Chemistry 200, Laboratory Safety (1)

Chemistry 240, Topics in Forensic Chemistry

Chemistry 213, 214. Organic Chemistry I, II (4, 4)

Chemistry 235, Environmental Chemistry (4)

Chemistry 295, Chemistry Research (1-4)

Chemistry 315, 316. Physical Chemistry I, II (4,3)

Chemistry 335, Analytical Chemistry (4)

Chemistry 355, Advanced Laboratory (3)

Chemistry 418, Biochemistry I (4)

Chemistry 419, Biochemistry II (3)

Chemistry 425, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (4)

Chemistry 440, Topics in Forensic Chemistry (1)

Chemistry 441, Forensic Chemistry (3)

Chemistry 445, Modern Topics in Chemistry (3)

Chemistry 454, Chemistry Seminar and Literature Research (2)

Chemistry 455, Chemistry Seminar and Laboratory Research (4)