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420.2 APAP Revision Draft:
Animal Care and Human Subjects Committee (ACHSC)

G. Institutional Animal Care and Human Subjects Committee (appointed)

1) Functions:

a) To oversee all human/animal research on campus in compliance with federal guidelines

b) To serve as contact for applications and proposals for research involving off campus agencies/subjects

c) To inform the campus community each semester of the timetable for research proposal review submissions and ACHSC responses

d) To review research involving/insuring no more than minimal risks to human subjects, federally acceptable treatment of animal subjects

e) To provide general guidelines and documentation for informed consent in proposals and applications involving human subjects

f) To coordinate a review of animal facilities by an outside agent insuring maintenance and cooperation with federal codes/standards for animal subjects housing, care, euthanasia

g) To file annually a federal guidelines compliance statement for animal and human subject research review

h) To maintain and file accurate records documenting approved proposals for research involving animal or human subjects

i) To ensure that no research (involving human or animal subjects) or teaching program (involving animal subjects) commences without ACHSC approval

2) Membership:

a) As per federal guidelines, the committee must have at least 5 members.

b) The chair of the committee should, preferably, be a faculty member who has served on the committee before

c) The following areas must be represented on the committee

a. A veterinarian

b. A member with experience in animal research

c. A member with experience in human research

d. A member whose concerns are not in animal or human research

e. An individual unaffiliated with the institution

f. A student member

3) Procedures:

a) The committee will, at fall faculty conference, select the chair who will serve for the academic year

b) The committee will, after their first meeting each semester, inform the campus community of the timetable for research proposal review submissions and ACHSC responses

c) A research proposal put before the committee shall be considered approved if an absolute majority of the committee members approve the proposal.