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Why Install Windows Updates?

Windows Updates are security and performance updates for Microsoft Windows and applications including Internet Explorer. With the increasing number of viruses and worms that are taking advantage of known vulnerabilities with Microsoft operating systems and software products, it is extremely important that your computer have all patches installed.

Note: CNS requires that all users enable the Automatic Windows Update feature so that computers are protected with the most recent updates. Machines that are unprotected may be disconnected from the network until they are protected.

These instructions were written for use with Windows XP, but they apply to Windows 2000 as well. If you have any questions, whether or not you are running Windows XP, please feel free to contact CNS at x8050 or cns@muskingum.edu. Note: Windows 98 and ME users must run Windows Update from Internet Explorer by clicking on Windows Update from the Tools menu.

Automatic Windows Updates

  1. Right-click on "My Computer"
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Click on the "Automatic Updates" tab
  4. Select Automatically download the updates, and install them...
  5. In the left pull-down menu, select "Every day"
  6. In the right pull-down menu, select a time of day when your computer is usually on and you expect your workload to be light (i.e. lunchtime or overnight). If your computer is not on at the defined day and time, the patches will be loaded the next time your computer is on at that time.