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Telephone and Voice-Mail Services


Students need to provide their own phones. The touch tone feature and a modular jack (RJ11) are required. CNS does not recommend or guarantee the effectiveness of cordless phones in a residence hall or clubhouse setting. Answering machines are not needed since voice mail is provided. A basic outline of phone system feature will be provide upon arrival. A complete outline, including instructions, is available in the campus phone directory.

Voice Mail

Voice mail functions as an answering service and is provided to all faculty, staff and students. Voice mail also functions as a campus-wide announcement service. Information such as weather announcements and upcoming activities is delivered to all voice mailboxes. There are also dial-up announcement mailboxes which provide similar services.

  • Residence Halls/Students. Using a concept known as "shared-extension voice mail" each roommate has their own voice mail box. Students, especially those living off-campus, may access this information at will. Instructions for student shared-extension mailbox initialization are found here and available at the front desk of CNS. For instructions on how to use your voicemail from your cell phone, click here.
  • Campus Offices/Employees. Most offices are provided with a single line phone which has a small light to indicate the presence of voice messages. Instructions for dialing on and off campus as well as voice mail initialization and utilization are printed in the inside front cover of the yearly university phone book. You may also access these instructions as a PDF file.

Dterm Series E (multi-line) Telephone User Guide

For those employees with the new NEC Dterm Series E telephone, here is the User Guide.  This guide should answer 99% of your questions regarding normal operation of this phone in the Muskingum University environment.


Campus Directory information is also available through the university web page. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you have the right to have "directory information" withheld. If you wish to exercise this right, and expect this information to be excluded from the directory, please contact the Registrar's Office prior to the end of drop/add. A copy of the yearly campus directory is distributed to every student's U.S. mail box at the start of school.

Telecommunication Fee

Unlimited on-campus and local calling is provided as a component of the telephone fee.