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Campus Network and Internet Connection

In Spring 1991, Muskingum installed its first direct connection to the Internet. Having started with a 56Kb leased line and growing to four T1 lines (6Mb), we now utilize a 300Mb "last mile" fiber link from Time Warner which connects to the state's Oarnet at 100Mb of subscribed commercial internet capacity. In 1992, the university re-wired the entire campus for data and voice communication. Each building is connected to a central location via fiber optics and each office and residential room is wired for twisted-pair 10-baseT 10-megabit (10Mb) ethernet data service.

Some of the benefits of being on the Internet include e-mail, World-Wide-Web access, e-mail listservs/discussion groups, remote login capability, file transfer, search capabilities, and access to libraries around the world. Using your e-mail account, you are also able to create and publish your own web pages.

Getting Connected

All students wishing to connect to the Muskingum University campus network must have his or her computer registered with CNS. Every computer that is registered is certified to be running current, updated anti-virus software, be free of adware/spyware and viruses, and have all the latest security updates for their operating system. For more information on connecting your computer to the university network, please visit our ResNet Home Page. If you would like to connect your video game console, please read our ResNet FAQ section titled "What about Video Game Consoles?".

The First Year Seminar class and the first year mentors will assist first year students in learning how to use e-mail, the web, and basic computer skills. Unless you specify otherwise (to the Registrar's Office), your e-mail address will be printed in the campus phone directory. For all campus communication that is distributed via e-mail, the university will use your Muskingum e-mail address and will not forward messages to an off-campus e-mail provider.

Web-Based E-mail

Our e-mail system offers web based e-mail services. While your existing personal computer method (Eudora, Outlook or Netscape, etc) will work, you may also choose web access as well. Use this link to access Web based e-mail: https://mailsrv.muskingum.edu/zimbra/

If you prefer to use an email client such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Office Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, or Mozilla Thunderbird, please visit our E-mail Tutorials page.