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Leaving Muskingum College?

As you prepare to leave Muskingum College, CNS would like to offer the following recommendations to you.

Uninstalling the Bradford Persistent Agent

Once your computer is removed from the campus network, you can (and should) remove the Bradford Persistent Agent. If you have a PC, go to your control panel and select "Add or Remove Programs" (WindowsXP) or "Programs and Features" (Vista). Then find the Bradford Persistent Agent and remove it. For a Macintosh please use the standard procedure for removing applications.

Antivirus Information

If you installed a copy of Symantec Antivirus provided by the college please be aware that this software is no longer utilized at Muskingum. You should uninstall it and install an alternative virus protection product (see below). Doing so will avoid conflicts with other products. In order to accomplish this task, please perform the following steps:

  1. Click Start, then click Control Panel (some computers may have to click Settings, then Control Panel).
  2. Double Click on the Add and Remove Programs tool in Control Panel.
  3. In the list of software, find and click on Symantec Antivirus.
  4. Click the Remove button.
  5. If prompted, use the word "uninstall" as the password.

NOTE: By removing this program, your computer is vulnerable to viruses and other security threats. You should replace it with an alternative product as quickly as possible. If you are looking for a replacement, we recommend AVG Free Edition. In terms of purchased software, we recommend Symantec's Norton Antivirus program which is designed for home use.

E-mail, Web, Blackboard, and MuskieLink Accounts

Student e-mail and web accounts remain active for one year after graduation. At the end of that period, you will receive a notice from CNS informing you that the account will expire. It will offer an opportunity for you to continue using the account for a fee of $5.00/month.

Voice Mail Accounts and Long Distance PINs

Voice Mail Accounts are deactivated upon leaving the campus for the year.

Long distance PINS for graduating students are typically deactivated during the summer months after graduation. Because you are responsible for any calls made using your PIN, if you feel it necessary, you may send an email to miller@muskingum.edu and ask to have your PIN deactivated immediately. Please be sure to include your name and student ID number in this email.

Network Cables and Network Hubs/Switches

Network Cables and other hardware you have purchased are yours to keep, however, we encourage you to find friends who will be returning to campus and who will need this equipment.