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Internet Explorer Restricted Zone Sites

During registration of computers for our network, CNS configures your computer's Internet Explorer web browser in a way that helps protect you and your computer from pop-up/pop-under advertisements, viruses, spyware, and other malicious websites. Although every effort is made to make sure that no legitimate sites are added to the list of restricted sites, sometimes problems come up that conflict with these settings. As well, sometimes websites offer downloads from various "mirror" sites that may be on the list.

In order to resolve such conflicts, CNS is providing the following documentation for Internet Explorer to remove sites from the list to allow your web surfing experience to continue as expected. These instructions do not apply to Mozilla Firefox since it does not have this problem.

ALERT: CNS has discovered a change by Apple that is affected by this problem. Apple has begun using a site to host their downloads for QuickTime, iTunes, and iPod software that is on the Restricted Zone list. CNS has resolved the issue for future registrations, however, students experiencing problems with Apple software should follow the instructions below to remove *.m7z.net from the list.

NOTE: For your protection, CNS does not recommend removing all the sites on this list. Doing so will open your computer up to multiple viruses and spyware programs to install themselves on your computer without your appoval! We strongly recommend that only the individual sites that are needed be removed while accepting any risks that may be involved with allowing them to operate normally.

If you see this notice appear at the bottom right corner of your Internet Explorer window, the site is being limited by the Restricted Zone. To resolve this issue, click Tools, Internet Options.

This will display the Internet Options dialog box as shown below...

On this dialog, click the Security tab at the top and you will see several options available... Click on the "Restricted Sites" icon, and verify that it looks like the image below. If not, click on "Default Level".

Next, click on the "Sites" button to display the list of sites that are being restricted. Scroll down to the site you wish to remove, click on it in the list, and click the "Remove" button. Click OK on the sites list and then OK on the options dialog to return to Internet Explorer and then "Refresh" the page.