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The CNS Team

Ryan Harvey, Director

Responsibilities: Responsible for all campus computer, network and telecommunication systems and infrastructures; academic and administrative systems; laboratories; supervision of Computer and Network Services personnel. Provide long-range planning; facilitate and implement training and support services for faculty, staff, and student community; responsible for budget, policies and regulations; maintain Muskingum University in a "computer competitive" role and forecast the necessary fiscal needs; through the committee process, assess and direct further computerization, systems and advancement.

Phone: (740) 826-8051
E-mail: harvey@muskingum.edu

Jeff Forsythe, Systems Administrator

Responsibilities: Install, configure, and manage server hardware and software.  Included are servers for the university email, web and LMS (Blackboard).

Phone: (740) 826-8058
E-mail: forsythe@muskingum.edu

Larry Gibson, Computer Services Coordinator

Responsibilities: Coordinate and triage the daily activities, work flow and work order requests to the Computer and Network Services Department. Responsible for hardware and software issues and problems as reported to the Center to handle or assign and follow-up; ascertain and document that staff and students are getting questions answered, help as needed and in a timely fashion and professional manner by referral and follow-up; create and maintain database of data requests, service, usage; responsible for labs; assist in desktop responsibilities. Assure that the community is provided with timely and professional assistance and follow-up.

Phone: (740) 826-8053
E-mail: lgibson@muskingum.edu

Scott Karling, Desktop Applications Specialist

Responsibilities: Responsible for the operation and utilization of personal computer software and operating system environments.

Phone: (740) 826-8056
E-mail: skarling@muskingum.edu

John Miller, Assistant Director of CNS for Telecommunications

Responsibilities: Management, maintenance and diagnostic repair & responsibility for day-by-day operations of telecommunications system.

Phone: (740) 826-8052
E-mail: miller@muskingum.edu

Kim Purkey, Administrative Applications Specialist

Responsibilities: Responsible for the support necessary for successful institutional utilization and management of administrative databases and associated application environments.

Phone: (740) 826-8057
E-mail: kpurkey@muskingum.edu