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Administrative Data Access

The Computer and Network Services department (CNS) is responsible for implementation of data access controls. Permission to access data elements is requested and authorized by each administrative unit.

The following premises shall apply:

  • CNS does not approve, authorize, or keep the primary records related to the granting of access to administrative data. For auditing purposes, CNS will maintain a set of duplicate records.
  • All access requests will be processed in the same manner, including initial access, changes in access, and termination of access.
  • Each administrative unit is responsible for identifying appropriate data access, approving this access through its Vice President, and maintaining the primary records accordingly.
  • Each administrative unit is responsible for identifying and approving data access changes including termination of access.
  • CNS will create and provide a set of pre-defined security classes appropriate to the major administrative units which may be selected during the data access and approval process.
  • Should the set of pre-defined security classes not meet the intended access control, unit managers will consult with CNS to identify and create a unique position specific security class.
  • CNS will create and provide appropriate data access request forms for utilization during the data access and approval process.
  • Should cross-unit data access be needed, separate data access request forms must be processed through each separate Vice President.
  • CNS will maintain and provide appropriate security class detail to facilitate the data access control process.

Unit managers should download and print (in duplex) the Administrative Data Access form. In order to identify the needed security classes, please refer to either the Colleague or the Benefactor summary list. Because these documents provide detail to data access security parameters, these documents are password protected and you will need to obtain the correct username and password in order to access them.