Frequently Asked Questions

Who should participate?

Muskingum's Leadership Development Program is designed for students who not only want to make a difference, but who are interested in learning how to make a difference.  Leadership can take many forms, and is not limited to people who want to be "in charge." You will be a good fit for this program if you are interested in:

  • Contributing to a larger cause
  • Being involved in problem-solving and decision-making efforts
  • Serving others as citizens of the community and the world

How can I be considered for the Leadership Development Program?

Complete and return the application.  The application requests certain information and asks you to prepare a brief response to four questions.  We also ask that you provide one letter of recommendation from a person who has observed you in a leadership or service capacity.

What is a mentor?

In the Leadership Development Program, students will be assigned a business or civic leader who will serve as a mentor.  Many of these mentors are graduates of Muskingum College.  In these mentoring relationships, students will receive career guidance and benefit from opportunities to participate in job shadowing.  Additionally, in the Program’s formal networking gatherings (often held over luncheons or dinners), students will have the opportunity to interact professionally with other area alumni and business persons.   Mentors and networking contacts are leaders in their respective fields: Executive officers of corporations, Attorneys, Presidents of not-for-profit organizations, Physicians, Educators.

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What are the “special trips” that are planned with the Program?

In addition to excursions within the east-central Ohio region that occur as part of the connection with leadership mentors, special end-of-year trips are planned for selected students who confirm their commitment to the Leadership Development Program throughout the year as demonstrated by their participation and performance levels.  Tentatively planned trips include:

Washington, D.C.  - A selected group of students may join instructors in a trip to the D.C. area where they will have the opportunity to meet with significant leadership icons and engage in dialogue related to social responsibility.  An important feature of this trip is the opportunity for community service.
New York City - Students who have demonstrated continued involvement in the Leadership Development Program, may be invited to take part in another important excursion to New York City.  This trip will focus on connections with business and civic leaders, including visits to institutions such as the AT&T Corporation, the Wall Street Journal and other renowned organizations and businesses.

What is the Leadership Portfolio?

Participation in the Leadership Development Program culminates in the construction of student portfolios.  With the assistance of program advisors and mentors, students will learn to use the portfolio concept as a means to present their experiences and accomplishments to potential employers.  The portfolio will contain academic, social and service plans and activities and will include information regarding participation in the leadership development program, including program attendance on and off-campus, engagement in service opportunities, and participation in leadership roles in campus and community organizations.

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