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What is meal etiquette?

Sharing meals is a time-honored way of cultivating trust—thus the reason for etiquette.

It is about presenting yourself with polish and should be taken seriously. Since you cannot know all the rules – know the basics.

  • Follow the lead of the host or hostess.
  • Be considerate and attentive to the concerns of others to limit social mistakes.
  • Always be courteous and thoughtful to those around you.
  • Never swear! You will be perceived as less intelligent.

For a detailed etiquette guide, please see the Internship Workbook (pdf).

An Etiquette Dinner is scheduled every semester in the BOC, in conjunction with CenterBoard. Since many organizations conduct interviews over a lunch or dinner meal, partially to observe your social skills and table manners, it is imperative for you to take etiquette seriously. A four course meal will be served with guidance provided. Advanced sign-up is required.


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