Getting Started - Creating a Resume

Creating a resume is a very important step in getting started. You never know when someone may ask you for it. When creating a resume always keep in mind this is most likely the first information someone is going to see about you. Your resume is a very important marketing tool. Remember, you are marketing yourself. If you do not sell yourself, no one else is going too!

  • Your resume must be clean, clear, and concise.
  • It must be error free.
  • Potential employers look to see if you pay attention to detail.
  • Keep your format consistent.

Use the Sample Resume Outline to get an idea of the order and components of a resume.

Refer to the Action Words sheet (pdf) for good, strong, descriptive words to describe your responsibilities and experiences. Remember you must market yourself and let the employer see your qualifications.

Once you think your resume is finished have multiple people review it. Career Services would be happy to provide you with feedback. The more people that review it, the more chances you have to find all of the errors. It must be error free!

After several people have reviewed it and it is perfect, now it is time to print your resume. You need to purchase good quality resume paper. Appropriate colors would include: ivory, white, off-white or gray. Always use quality paper for your resume, cover letter and reference sheet. This paper may contain a watermark. A watermark is the marking on a sheet of paper that is visible when held up to the light. If a watermark is present, the printing on the paper and the watermark should both read from left to right.

If mailing your resume, purchase a manila envelope to mail your cover letter and resume. You do not want to bend or fold your resume. You also do not want to staple it. For multiple pages, have your name on every page. Please see the cover letter section for assistance in creating a cover letter.

Think of your resume as a work in progress. It may be up to date right now but you will continue to have new experiences that you will need to add in the future. It is always easier to update as you do new things versus try to remember what you did in the past.

For more assistance please contact Career Services.

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