Greek Event Planning Form

Submit this completed form at least 9 calendar days before your event. All Greek social events should be scheduled with the coordinator of Greek Affairs by September 15 for the full semester and by January 30 for the Spring semester.

If you have questions about this form, please contact Bob Bergmann x8097.

Event Information

Name of Event:

Sponsoring Organization(s):

Event Representative's Name and Contact Information:

Contact Email (required):

Contact Phone:

Brief Description of event:

Date of Event:
Time (am - pm):


Will there be alcohol at this event?



If there will be alcohol, is this event


Provided by the organization (not applicable to national organizations)

Is this a(n)

Open social event

Closed social event

If a closed social event, please email guest list to Bob Bergmann.

Who is the primary contact the day of the event?

In order to have a successful event, it is helpful to do some planning! Take some time to identify how the event's goals align with your organization's purpose. Identify all the components of your event and ensure success by planning for each of those components.

Planning Questions

1. What are the purpose and goals of the event? How does the event align with the purpose or mission of your club?

2. How will you measure the success of the event?

3. How will you publicize the event?

4. Have you talked with your organization's advisor about this event? Will your advisor be present at the event?

5. Please list the TIPs trained servers (4 minimum):

6. Please list the "Dry individuals" (2 minimum):

7. Please list food that will be provided:

8. Please list non-alcoholic beverages that will be provided:

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