Common Interest Organizations

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Amateur Radio
A new organization working toward registration for 2007-2008; A description will be available soon!

Leadership organization that works on leadership skill building and community service activities

Amnesty International
A human rights organization concentrating on activism and campaigns for the rights of women and children, both locally and abroad.

Art Club
Art Club members enjoy trips to museums and other art related events and work to increase artistic activity on campus.

Promotes responsible alcohol decision making and awareness for students.

Campus Greens
Students involved with a political party who educate on environmnetal and related political issues.

CARE (Vegetarian Club)
Raises issues of veganism, vegetarianism and animal rights to the campus

Centerboard - Campus Activities
The campus student activities board, which coordinates a wide variety of activities and events throughout the year.

Circle K
The local chapter of an international community service organization

Dance Team
A group of students that performs at major campus and athletic events. The tryouts are open to all undergraduate students.

Democrat Students
A group for students interested in the democratic political party and political discussion.

Film Club
Film Club students enjoy watching, discussing, and making films.

GLASS (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Supporter Students)
The group helps to raise awareness and acceptance of gay, lesbian and transgender issues within the campus community.

Homecoming Committee
A group that meets throughout the fall semester to coordinate activities for Homecoming.

Habitat for Humanity
A service organization dedicated to the promotion of service opportunities to the campus. The group participates in local projects as well as a spring trip as part of the National Collegiate Challenge.

Magazine (social/political) Club
Students publish a magazine about social and political issues.

Magna, Anime, and Gaming (MAG)
Sponsors and promotes anime activities on campus.

Mayhem at Muskingum
Provides an alcohol-free social environment with mid-week activities for students.

MESA (Environmental Student Activists)
Members of MESA are concerned with modern issues of environmental protection including stemming global warming and supporting the environmental justice movement.

Outdoors ‘Til the End
Members are encourages to get outside and away from their everyday lives to have fun and relieve stress.

Peer Educators
Peer Educators are selected and trained regarding wellness issues. Most importantly, the group is concerned with promoting individual wellness and responsible decision-making throughh education and awareness.

People Learning about Unique Students (PLUS) Organization
A group that works to bring together students with and without learning disabilities for dialogue and activities.

Racquetball Club
Students meet to enjoy racquetball on campus.

Republican Students
A group for students interested in the republican political party and political discussion.

Residence Hall Association
RHA is a link between campus residents and staff and works to improve the on-campus living experience through projects and activities throughout the year.

Sakura Japanese Club
Informs and educates the campus community regarding Japanese culture.

Ski and Snowboard Club
Coordinates trips to locations that can offer these activities in the winter months.

Spirit Club
Promotes campus spirit and athletic teams. Go Muskies!

Student Magazine (local/regional interests)
Students interested in publishing a magazine that provides communication with local communities.

Student Union of Multicultural Awareness (SUMA)
Promotes diversity issues and concerns on campus through educational and social events. SUMA encourages students to foster their own cultural pride and achievements and to share that pride with others.

Ultimate Club
Members enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, a fast paced sport like football with a frisbee.

Uncommon Diseases & Overall Wellness (UDOW)
The group wants to raise awareness about uncommon diseases and wellness topics. Members also hope to support people with uncommon disease diagnosis.

Women’s Resource Center
An organization dedicated to awareness and education related to women's issues.

World Vision
Group members work to educate and inform the college community about the presence of various cultural perspectives represented on campus.

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