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Pride, Brotherhood, and Unity are the three qualities which bind the Men of MACE into a close knit group. The MACE itself represents the qualities of a MACE man. The M stands for Man hood; A is for Achievement; C represents Christian Character; E is for Education. The current MACE club is very active in the life of the campus and the community.

Phi Kappa Tau
Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity was established in 1969 as the Delta Lambda chapter at Muskingum from what was the Alban Club. With this transition, this chapter teamed with more than 70 years of heritage with a nationally respected fraternity. The fraternity participates in a number of philanthropic programs which benefit the poor and needy. Among these is the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a camp for terminally ill children, founded by famous Phi Tau Paul Newman.

Phi Mu Alpha: Sinfonia
Phi Mu Alpha was established on October 6th 1898 at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston Massachusetts by Ossian E. Mills. The group welcomes members from every walk of life, but all have one common tie. The love of music. The Beta Lambda Chapter here at Muskingum was established in 1930 and ran until 1955 when the chapter became inactive. The spirit of Sinfonia lived on and was renewed on November 18th 1995 with the re-instillation of the Beta Lambda chapter with 17 new brothers."Once a Sinfonian, Always a Sinfonian! Long Live Sinfonia!"

In 1909, five men joined to form a club which drew its members from those who believed in brotherhood and tradition. They chose their name from the one creature, which, more than any other, represented the principles of this club. Without the vision of these five men, the Stag Club would not have existed on this campus for the past 87 years. In 1948 the Stag Club built its magnificent house which overlooks campus. 

The Ulster Club started with 18 men who were looking for excellence in the Muskingum Fraternity System. On February 16, 1948, Interclub granted a charter to the new organization. The name Ulster was adopted since the ancestors of many Muskingum students came from the northern providence of Ireland.

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