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Wireless Data plans available to Muskingum Students & Staff

Feeling the need for more wireless? Now available! Wireless MiFi devices from Verizon at a price and service you won’t find elsewhere.

Muskingum has many wireless options on campus, and now we have added one more: We have worked with wireless carriers Verizon to offer wireless hotspot deVerizonLogovices at a great discount with a data plan not available in stores. For an annual fee of $500 you can have unlimited access to Verizon’s 4G LTE network via a Wi-Fi hotspot device. While there are wireless hotspots around campus available at no charge, with these MiFi devices, you can now take your network with you anywhere you go: your residence hall room, the quad, even to your favorite spot during breaks – anywhere Verizon’s network reaches. .

This plan has UNLIMITED data. An unlimited data plan is not sold in stores or online with this type of device. This offer is only available to Muskingum University students through the University (you cannot get it at a Verizon store). Sign-up forms are at Student Life in the TOC. Annual fee of $500, but can be billed to your student account. No monthly option is available. Have questions? Contact CNS at

What is it?

MiFi_deviceThis device becomes a wireless hotspot wherever you are, allowing you to connect your laptop, tablet or any other wifi device through the wireless network of Verizon. So you can have wireless access in your residence hall room, the class, the quad or off-campus. Anywhere the networks reach. The device accesses the wireless network of the carrier and can be shared (up to 10 devices may connect at the same time). Any wireless device can connect: laptops, tablets, phones, printers and more.

The device is also secure. It comes preset with a password so access can be limited to just you or those you choose.

Why should I do this?

We have negotiated special pricing and service for these devices. The plan has a annual cost of $500, which includes unlimited data and the device. This is only available through the University. While these devices are available in store, they do not come with an unlimited data plan. Plans in the store with even a 4GB plan can cost as much as $600 a year or more.

Will it work on campus?

We have tested these devices and found them to work in all but a few locations on campus. The service is very good. Verizon offers 4G LTE service in New Concord today.

How to get one?

Come to Student Life in the TOC. The service requires the completion of an agreement and payment. Payment of $500 will be charged to your account** or payment can be made in the Business Office (no monthly billing).

The details

The plan is a annual plan paid in advance at the rate of $500. This program is only available to students and staff of Muskingum University. A Muskingum University ID is required at the time of sign-up. Limit of one per person. Access requires a MiFi device, included with the plan. Lost or damaged devices are the responsiblity of the user and can be replaced at the full cost of the device at the purchaser's expense. Service issues and replacements must be directed through CNS at (740)826-8050 or

Our test results indicated good service in the residence halls and on campus in general with the following exceptions:

  • The bad locations include the eastern most part of the Kelley Hall basement.
  • We also were unable to obtain service on either carrier in several sections of the lower floors of the Boyd Science Center and the Recreation Center near the football locker room.

Keep in mind that these are wireless devices subject to the same constraints as any other wireless devices. Wireless just means that you can move about, it does not mean that you have a great connection. Your results and service may differ from our testing.

Other options:

  1. Wireless service is available at no charge throughout campus including the Chess Center, the residence hall lobbies, the Quad Center and virturally all academic buildings. Use your email username and password for access.
  2. Wireless hotspot service can be added to some existing smartphones. Costs vary depending on size of plan and the carrier. Check with your wireless carrier.
  3. For those wanting just more (wired) data, Time Warner offers Road Runner service to dorm rooms, as well as premium TV services. Additional fees apply. Contact information in the Student Life office.

** - You can share the cost with your roommates. All parties must sign the same agreement. See Student Life office for more details.

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