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Student Refunds Process

Refund disbursement is part of the student debit card process. Access to refunds are fast and convenient! To benefit for this, sign up for the card now (!

How it works

Payment of student refunds will now process electronically through a pay card offered through Sallie Mae. This allows students access to their funds in multiple ways:

  1. Account transfers through the web -
    The option used by most students allows you to transfer all or part of your refund to any bank account (or accounts) that you choose. Works like an echeck to yourself. Details on how are available in this information presentation.
  2. ATM access nationwide -
    Locally the ATM machines in the top of the Quad Center and at the New Concord Riesbeck's (formerly Shegog's IGA) are fee free locations. Also, withdrawals are fee free at any ATM in the Allpoint network or any Fifth Third ATM.
  3. Debit card access -
    The card is a MasterCard Debit Card and can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Information on how to request your card is available in this video.

Why do we do this?

This program is similar to programs at other schools, allowing us an opportunity to make student refunds:

  • Fast - Access to your funds will be immediate through the web, ATM or Debit card access. You'll know when funds are available by email. No more having to make it to the Business Office or wait for the mail
  • Easy - Access to funds transfer is available from any internet connection.
  • Flexible - The Debit Card, ATM and web access provide you with more choices for how and when to access your funds.
  • Greener - Paper and cost used for checks are largely eliminated

What hasn't changed

Refund requests should still be made from the Refund Request form. Any refund is disbursed based on current charges and fees to the students account. All students should be aware that adjustments may be made to financial aid awards or the student account. These may result in a balance owed to the University even after receipt of the credit balance refund; and will be due as stated on a future statement of account.

Other questions? Check out Sallie Mae's FAQ page.


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