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The College serves as fiscal agent for several government and local programs. As fiscal agent, we receive the funds from the granting agency and manage the disbursement of these funds in coordination with the program coordinator. Individuals providing services for these programs are treated as independent contractors (unless they are already an employee of the College). These payments are made through our Accounts Payable function. At the end of the calendar year, individuals who received more than $600 for services will be issued a form 1099-MISC listing the payments made. This information is also reported to the IRS; and all payments for services must be reported to the State of Ohio. We require our Form W-9 for all payments.

Programs we serve

Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra

John and Annie Glenn Museum Foundation
Glenn Museum

Questions about our procedures with regards to payments can be answered on our Purchasing & Accounts Payable page.

Related Forms

Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer ID

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