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Recruit a Muskie

Greetings from Muskingum! We are asking for your help in identifying high school students of excellence in your area who may be good candidates from Muskingum University.

Muskingum is always striving to develop wide-reaching connections - with our alumni as one of our best resources. The Alumni Office is here to assist you, our alumni, in maintaining relationships that have been important to you. At the same time we are looking for ways to create new relationships with future alumni.

Here's how you can help. Please provide us with some basic information about potential Muskies. We'll add them to our mailing list and start sending them information about Muskingum.

Student's Name


Street Address






Telephone Number  

E-Mail Address




High School


Year Student Will  Graduate


Academic Interests


Extracurricular Activities  

Let us know if you need any additional information about Muskingum  

Your Name and Class Year  

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