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Academic Scholarship Program


Our on-campus "Scholarship Days" are for high school seniors who have applied for regular undergraduate admission and qualified for academic scholarships based on their academic performance in high school.

quad4On these three Saturdays, eligible students come to campus to earn enhancement money to add to their initial awards, learn more about other scholarship opportunities, meet with faculty, and much more. Participation in this program is an important part of the overall scholarship process, and is required for a student to be considered for the John Glenn Scholarship, our full-tuition academic scholarship.

Other parts of this program include a morning session for parents on the overall scholarship and financial aid process, informational sessions for students and parents on academic programs and majors presented by faculty, lunch, and campus tours in the afternoon.

In addition to testing for academic scholarship enhancement, Art and Music students may audition or show portfolios during the afternoon as well, and students interested in Journalism, Digital Media Design, Forensics (speech and debate), or Theatre are encouraged to attend a group meeting with faculty to learn more about specific scholarship opportunities in these areas. Admission and Financial Aid staff and current MU students are also available in the afternoon, to visit with families over coffee and dessert.





Students must apply for admission and qualify for academic scholarship prior to the test dates to qualify for this program. The only way to know if you are eligible for academic scholarship is to submit all application materials well in advance of the Scholarship Day program. Any level of academic scholarship resulting from our review of your application makes you eligible to participate.



Eligibility Criteria

Participation in the Scholarship Days program is an important consideration for all scholarships, and is required for the John Glenn Scholarship. Final scholarship amounts for all participants are based on:

  1. Secondary school academic record including curriculum, grades and class rank.
  2. Results of the ACT or SAT test.
  3. Performance on the written examination at the Scholarship Day program.

    * And for certain levels of scholarship, a personal interview on the day of the competition.

A student's base scholarship level is determined by the high school record and ACT/SAT scores. This program simply gives students the opportunity to add to that base. NOTE: Scholarship Day performance can only increase (and never decrease) the amount of a scholarship award.


Initial scholarship levels are determined at the time of application review and admission decisions, with final levels to be determined at the conclusion of Scholarship Days, and in time for need-based financial aid packaging. Any new academic information submitted after the initial level is determined can potentially increase the starting offer (e.g., new ACT/SAT scores, new grades), but the Scholarship Days program is best way to enhance your award, with typical enhancement amounts ranging from $500 to $1,500.

Science Division & Performance Scholarships

Outstanding students pursuing a degree in any area of study within our Science Division may apply for a Science Division Scholarship of $500-2,000 per year. Students demonstrating outstanding aptitude in art, digital media design, music, theatre, broadcasting, journalism, or forensics (speech and debate) may apply for performance scholarships in those areas. Annual performance awards typically range from $500 to $2,000 in music and from $500 to $1,500 in the other areas. Selection is made by faculty in those departments, and is based on an audition, interview, or portfolio review. (More information and downloadable forms.)


All participants will be notified of their final scholarship amounts as soon as results are tabulated and decisions are made following each Scholarship Day.