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Shannon Williams, '15

Shannon Williams, '15Senior Shannon Williams, a business management, economics and marketing major from Flushing, Ohio, has made her mark on campus through her political involvement and service.

In addition to serving as president of College Republicans, Shannon works on campus, is a member of the FAD sorority, secretary of Lambda Sigma and Senior Class Secretary. She has also studied abroad in England and Germany – and will graduate in just three years!

Shannon’s interest in politics developed at home, and early. She explains, “I [grew] up in a family that is into politics and even in high school I was in a political organization. My father…has had a big role in influencing me and teaching me the importance of politics. Every day he [listens to] political talk shows, so it has been something I have grown up with and was able to bond with my father over.”

Since Shannon’s election as president, College Republicans has been more active than ever before – on campus and regionally. Shannon says, “Last spring eight students attended the state Ohio College Republican Federation Conference in Columbus and this year we have knocked over 2500 doors in the community supporting local candidates and issues – and we are not stopping there.”

Shannon is also the South East Regional Director for the Ohio College Republican Federation. Her role includes “communicating with College Republican groups from Marietta, Ohio University, Shawnee State, and Muskingum.”

Shannon is passionate about political involvement and encourages college students to be involved for the following reasons: “First off because it is your right! There are countries around the world that do not have this right and a healthy democracy relies on Americans taking the initiative to vote. It's your opportunity to be heard, to hold elected officials accountable for their decisions, and to have a say in important issues that affect your community.”

Shannon also says, “Economic policies will affect your future – social security benefits may or may not be around once current college aged students reach retirement. Politics are affecting higher education costs and student loan policies and these are all things that people could be voting on and deciding what they want to see happen.”

In addition to her political experience, Shannon spent the summer studying in Germany to help her fulfill her German minor. She said, “Germany was the best experience of my life. It was scary being so far away and thinking I did not know anyone, but that was far from true. I met up with Muskies in Germany and it was fantastic. I met up with my former teaching assistant (Svenja) who was able to show me around the area. When I first got to Germany it was frightening not knowing the area, and not being fluent in the language, but I was able to immerse myself in so much culture and learn so much. While I was there I had the opportunity to travel to Austria, and the Czech Republic.”