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Sasha Eby, '11

Sasha EbySasha Eby, ’11, came to Muskingum University from Zanesville, Ohio. She majored in neuroscience and minored in psychology and chemistry.

Eby is now in the Doctor of Dental Medicine program at Midwestern University in Illinois; she moved to Chicago the summer after she graduated from Muskingum.

Currently a third-year dental student, Eby has transitioned from the classroom to spending five days a week at the dental clinic where she treats patients. In between her work and studies, she finds time to appreciate the art and culture that Chicago offers: live music performances, trips to the Shedd Aquarium and deep dish pizza.

Eby isn’t just an observer of the arts; she has also plunged in as a full-fledged participant herself. She has acted in the Civil Rights Opera Project, which “consists of a series of plays done mass meeting style where the audience is immersed and participating in the portrayal of actual events during the civil rights movement.” Eby played “a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in performances of Prelude in both Chicago and Washington DC for the 50th anniversary of the March.”

Of the Civil Rights Opera Project, Eby says, “These shows are special in their commemorating the bravery and contribution of people who aren't exceptionally well-known for their involvement in the movement. The performances, of course, convey the progress our nation has made in civil rights but also the strides we still have to make.”

Eby feels her Muskingum education prepared her well for graduate school. “The education that I received at Muskingum was very comprehensive, and, though my courses in graduate schools have primarily been sciences, I've still been able to draw from skills fostered in the classes that I took to fulfill liberal arts essentials; there is a surprising amount of essay writing in dental school, not all of it confined to hard sciences. Pertaining to the science courses I took, the instructors conveyed dense information in accessible ways, and because of that, I had much less ‘learning’ to do in dental school. The one-on-one accessibility of the professors and its importance in my post-Muskingum success can't be overstated. From their encouraging words to counsel on the application process, I can say without doubt that I probably would not have gone to dental school as soon after graduation as I did if I had not had their individualized attention. Of course, it’s up to each student how much they're going to take away from their experience at Muskingum. There are abundant tools and resources for you if you're willing to utilize them.”