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Dr. Peter Gosnell

Dr. Peter GosnellDr. Peter Gosnell, Professor of Religion, spent his sabbatical last year researching the book Learning Good from Knowing God, which is a book of “descriptive biblical ethics…, describing the major lines of ethical thought in biblical writings.”

“This arose out of the need I sensed for my biblical ethics course here at Muskingum. I have been working on versions of this for the past 6 years, gradually introducing these to students in the ethics course.” When Muskingum hired Professor Gosnell in 2002 and he began teaching the course, “None of the books I tried worked, so I decided to see what would happen if I used only the Bible. A student from Korea tried to take the class. He said he was totally intrigued with what I was teaching, but that he was having a hard time processing what I was saying in class. If only there was something he could read, to help him recall what went on in class. That's what he told me. He ended up dropping the course. Because of that I decided to write the book. The rest is history.”

Learning Good from Knowing God will be published early next year with InterVarsity Press.