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Mitch Markle, '06

Mitch Markle, '06Mitch Markle, ’06, came to Muskingum from nearby Newark, Ohio because he liked the idea of a small, intimate school on a scenic campus, and he wanted to play golf.

After graduating, Markle began his career in management with Consolidated Electrical Distributors. He has managed three different locations around the state of Ohio and recruits for the company (including an annual visit back to Muskingum!). Markle is married and expecting his second child.

“My experiences at Muskingum have helped me immensely, both in my professional and personal life. My course work in business and communication helped […] prepare me for the corporate world and have allowed me to excel. Being the smaller intimate environment it is, Muskingum really forces you to come out of your shell and get involved and create relationships, all traits that help you in life after Muskingum,” Markle says.

It was only in hindsight that Markle realized how wise he was to choose a small school. He explains, “At the time I didn’t realize it, but Muskingum gave me a chance to have personal relationships with professors and meet lifelong friends. These are things that a lot of my friends that went to larger institutions didn’t […] have. It really gives me a reason to be ‘Muskie Proud’ beyond the great education that I received. A lot of the one-on-one instruction and attention that I received from professors and career services allowed me to find a career prior to graduation and provided me with a skill set I still utilize every day.”