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Luke Carmichael, '14

Luke Carmichael, '14When he was still in college, Luke Carmichael, ’14, and his then-fiancé co-founded a business called ALC Productions, which specializes in wedding videography. The two married shortly after Carmichael’s graduation from Muskingum and, in 2016, branded their company and became a legal LLC.

In 2016, the couple filmed 32 weddings and four promotional pieces for ALC Productions; they are slated to cover 35 weddings in 2017. The business also employs five “second shooters” on a rotating basis – other videographers who step in to help cover events to the fullest extent possible.

Carmichael also works part-time as Lead Video Designer at the couple’s church in Columbus.

Carmichael, who majored in communication at Muskingum, says “Muskingum gave me the ground work for how to edit, film and the basics.” He adds, “I am thankful for…Dr. Jeff Harman and Dr. Lisa Marshall. They both play a major role in why I am able to do what I do now. Dr. Harman sat with me for three month almost four days a week teaching me how to edit. Dr.  Marshall was so personable and always made me feel like what I was doing was more important than anything, which is really motivational as a college student.”

In the first year after graduating, Carmichael worked for a non-profit television show based in Columbus, Ohio, Discovering the Jewish Jesus. He says, “I traveled all over the country/world [including Israel] to film…shows.  My title was video editor, but this included everything from running robotic cameras, to filming separate shows in the middle of Jerusalem.  We used some of the coolest gear, cameras, and tools I had ever seen I really soaked up every bit of information I could at this first job.”

For seniors who will soon be graduating college, Carmichael says, “Take the next step every day. Don’t wait on opportunities or that perfect first job. Start working on either building yourself to be the best person for a job out of school or as soon as you find what your passion is, put everything you have inside of you into making it happen.