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Lindsay Mullen, '14

Lindsay Mullen, '14Lindsay Mullen, ’14, is a native of Marietta, Ohio majoring in mathematics and working towards her teaching license for grades 7-12. She made her first college visit to Muskingum and felt that it offered the “whole package…great financial aid, great education and math departments, and professors and students that really made me feel welcome.”

As a senior in high school, Lindsay applied for the Choose Appalachian Teaching (CAT) Scholarship, which is awarded to students from an Appalachian region who commit to teaching math or science in Appalachia upon graduation from college. As a part of her scholarship, Lindsay attends a yearly symposium in which students, professors, educators and researchers come together to discuss education within Appalachian schools.

“Presenters of all varieties share their research. What makes this program so unique is that the [recipients of] this scholarship are even given the chance to be the presenters. During a scholar’s senior year at the symposium, he or she will present a research project [related] to math and science education. I’m currently working on my research project to present next September. Right now my main focus and interests are on curriculum and calculator dependency.”

Lindsay says, “this scholarship has not only given me a chance to do research that will be useful for my future as a teacher, but it has also given me so many connections…with people from all different universities and school systems, and these connections could last a lifetime. I have people at several locations that I can get advice or help from and these are people I may not have met had I not accepted this scholarship. …I strongly recommend that people look into this scholarship.”

Of her interactions with Muskingum faculty, Lindsay says, “When I came to Muskingum as a freshman, I didn't really expect every professor to know me by name or know me by my character. However, every professor I have had so far has made the effort to get to know me as an individual and not just a number in the class. The professors want to support me and they want to see me succeed. I began seeing this more and more throughout my time at Muskingum and I never would have anticipated the length professors would go to ensure that my future looks bright and successful. Many of my professors have set me up with job opportunities in which they refer me to different individuals hiring. Most of these referrals have been for tutoring or education-related jobs, but these are things that make my résumé look good for the future when I enter an interview for a potential job in a school. It is amazing what lengths professors have gone just in order to help me out in the long run.”