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Kelsey Overley, '16

This post was originally published on February 1, 2016.

Kelsey Overley, '16Kelsey Overley, a senior who will graduate in May, first heard of Muskingum University at a college fair, where the signature school colors of black and magenta caught her eye. She was also recruited to play soccer, which she has done for all four years as a Muskie.

When Overley, who hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, was invited to a “Score with the Muskies” overnight hosted by the women’s soccer team, she decided to attend. She says, “As soon as I got there…and I stepped onto the quad, I just knew.  I was just pulled into the atmosphere, the team, and the people of Muskingum.  I absolutely loved that magenta was part of the school colors too! Basically the color magenta pulled me in and then the school did the rest!”

Overley double majored in health administration and Spanish, as well as working as a resident assistant (RA) and serving as a soccer captain this past year. As a Spanish major, she was required to study abroad, and completed that requirement in Argentina.

As a new Muskie, Overley didn’t really know what to expect, but she recalls something her dad told her: “College [is] one of the most important times in your life. This is the time where you grow as a person and you learn so much about yourself and others.” For Overley, Muskingum did help her grow and make her “a better person for the world and society. … I feel that Muskingum had taught me so many important lessons about life, myself, people that surround me, and of course it has opened my mind in the classroom. I have grown and developed so much as a person and I know that I have the people and the staff of Muskingum to thank for those experiences that have helped make me who I am.”