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Dr. Danny Ingold and Dr. Jim Dooley

Jim Dooley
Dr. Danny Ingold, Professor of Biology, working with students at the Wilds

Danny Ingold and Jim Dooley, Professors of Biology, have been researching at the Wilds for 18 and 16 years, respectively. They have invited students to partner with them since the research relationship with the Wilds began in 1997.

Dr. Ingold explains, “Our research at the Wilds involves examining habitat preferences and species distributions of grassland birds on a reclaimed surface mine.” In addition, one senior environmental science major, Jen Hastings, is addressing “whether any of the grassland bird species we’re studying prefer the cool-season versus warm-season grasses,” since the Wilds has been replacing some of the cool season grasses with native warm-season grasses over the last eight years.

Ingold, who has been teaching at Muskingum University for 26 years, earned his undergraduate degree and his Master’s degree in biology from East Texas State University. He earned his Ph.D. in zoology from Mississippi State University. He teaches classes in biology, ecology, botany and environmental science.

Dr. Jim Dooley did his undergraduate, M.S. and Ph.D. work at the University of Virginia, and arrived at Muskingum as a faculty member in 1998. He teaches courses in biology, ecology, evolution, conservation biology and animal behavior.

The research opportunities available to students through the partnership that Ingold and Dooley have forged with the Wilds provide invaluable experience that many undergraduates – particularly at larger institutions – do not receive. This type of experience helps students get accepted to graduate school and prepares them for the rigors of graduate-level research. Ingold adds, “Students also frequently work for us in our departments – which is another way for them to develop skills and enhance their résumé.”