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Dr. Hallie Baker

Dr. Hallie BakerDr. Hallie Baker has been teaching at Muskingum since 2009, but her roots go much deeper than that. Although she earned her undergraduate degree from Miami University of Ohio, her maternal grandmother and all six of her siblings attended Muskingum!

Baker says, “While none of their children or grandchildren came to Muskingum, we all knew about the College and grew up with tales about it. When I interviewed here the whole family was excited and the running joke was if I was offered a job I had better take it! Otherwise I'd have seven Muskies haunting me the rest of my life! Needless to say, I took the job, but it wasn't out of fear of the ghosts; instead, I felt like it was coming home when I visited here back in March 2009, even though I'd never been here before.”

Baker teaches in the Psychology, Sociology and Health Science Departments; she teaches both traditional undergraduate and MAP (Muskingum Adult Program) courses. Baker enjoys the diversity of students she is able to work with – young adults, adult learners, and first-generation college students, as well as the small class sizes she teaches.

In October of 2012, Baker published her dissertation, Aging with a Disability Versus Disability with Age: A New Theoretical Model to Conceptualize Clients with Disability. She explains, “The focus of the book is trying to conceptualize disability in a new way. Traditionally we see disability as a one-time event without looking at the context around it. As a social worker I often was able to find the strengths and needs my clients brought with them to a new health issue that could help personalize and maximize their outcomes. The book discusses the proposed theoretical model which looks at a new disabling event in the context of a life time of events which can help or hinder a client's ability to recover.”