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Cherie Hornfeck, '06

Cherie Hornfeck, '06Cherie Hornfeck, a 2006 graduate, majored in math and earned her AYA teaching license while at Muskingum. The Zanesville native transferred to Muskingum from a larger university because she knew she would “would benefit from the smaller class sizes and knowing my professors (and them knowing me!). I also knew Muskingum had a great teaching program and wanted to be a part of that.”

Following graduation, Hornfeck worked for three years at a charter school, where she worked with at-risk students. Afterwards, she worked for one year in a central Ohio school district.

Hornfeck didn’t choose a course of study that was easy for her. She explains, “I have a mathematics degree, but math doesn’t come to me naturally.  I had to work very hard to understand the higher-level subjects.  All of my math professors also worked very hard with me. They were very patient with me and I often took advantage of their office hours. I think that because I did struggle with the subject, I can better identify with many of my students. They laugh when I tell them that I’m not naturally good at math, but I like it and I want them to like it too.”

Hornfeck adds, “While teaching, I attended Ohio State and earned my MA in Education Administration.   While I’m quite content in the classroom right now, it’s nice to have a backup plan for the future.  Although the program was challenging, I felt that my work at Muskingum prepared me well for the program.”

After her husband’s graduation from dental school, he began his service as dentist in the Navy. The couple moved to Florida, where Hornfeck taught for one year.

After a year in Florida, “We were given the opportunity to come to Japan for three years. My husband and I agreed to the adventure, and here we are! After 2.5 years, it actually feels a bit like home. We have travelled a lot, live off base in a nice neighborhood full of restaurants and shops to visit, and have made many friends.”

After moving to Japan, Hornfeck worked as an English conversation teacher at a local high school. Although her degree was in math, she was hired for the position because of her teaching background.

Hornfeck, who was instrumental in helping to organize the first two Relay for Life events on campus, continued that pattern post-graduation, co-chairing Relay for Life in her community. In Japan, she is active in on-base events.