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Cameron Godfrey, '16

This post was updated on January 30, 2017.

Cameron Godfrey, '16I graduated [from Muskingum in 2016] with a degree in Chemistry with minors in both Psychology and Religion. I am currently in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Ashland Theological Seminary pursuing my master’s degree. I made the switch from pursuing a career in chemistry to counseling during my junior year at Muskingum when I realized that I would rather have an opportunity to [work directly with people] than to be a chemist and be involved with research or conducting analysis. I plan on becoming a clinical counselor and I would be able to have a private practice or work in an agency where I would be able to conduct Christian counseling, if that is desired by my clients, to offer a theological/spiritual approach to whatever issues my clients are facing. 

I also am the owner of my own video production business. I am currently running my business on the side while in graduate school. My business was made possible by opportunities that I received at Muskingum. I had made an invitation video for an event through an organization on campus. This video reached the Admission Office and I was brought in to create a campus video to introduce prospective students to the university.

The Admission staff encouraged me to start my own business; I became Godfrey Productions and started branching out. Since then I have acquired multiple cameras and various other pieces of equipment, and I have had many unique and amazing experiences as a business. I have been able to produce multiple walkthrough tours, event videos of celebrations and parties, promotional videos for website content, commercials for local television, and multiple weddings. All thanks to Muskingum University for providing me with the opportunity that took my business from not even being a thought to being a successful enterprise that has had a great return for me personally.

This post was originally published on September 30, 2013.

Cameron Godfrey, '16Cameron Godfrey, a chemistry major with an integrated science and chemistry teaching certification, spent his summer in Ocean City, New Jersey on a Summer Project with Cru, an international Christian ministry.

Cameron knew several current Muskingum students, as well as alumni, who also spent a summer during college on a Summer Project. Their high praise of the experience encouraged Cameron to apply.

During his Summer Project, Cameron worked full-time doing maintenance and construction work for the owner of the building where he was staying in Ocean City. He lived with other students from around the country, as well as Cru staff members. Throughout the summer, students built relationships with one another and with their co-workers. They engaged in Bible studies, leadership skill-building, and spiritual growth activities.

Cameron spoke of his experiences in the workplace: “We reached out to those around us, specifically those at work, who did not know Jesus. We did this in a loving and non-intrusive way, meaning that if they did not want to hear it then we did not push the topic any further; we wanted to respect their individual beliefs.”

Halfway through his twelve-week Summer Project, Cru staff members left and students then picked up the leadership roles formerly filled by the staff.