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Andrew Kincaid, '12

Andrew Kincaid, '12Andrew Kincaid, a recent graduate from Newcomerstown, Ohio, majored in biology and business at Muskingum University. Andrew now works as a freelance writer for the Cleveland Science News Examiner, an online news source. He has written a novel, which is he is currently working to get published. He has also finished his teaching certification and works as a substitute in several school districts.

Andrew works as an Examiner, a local news reporter, for He writes, on average, about two articles a day for the science portion of the site. The job is one that requires self-motivation. Andrew said, “Typically I try to find cool new findings, or really weird stuff, and break it down into layman's terms.” The job also helps him to keep up with current events in science.

Andrew has recently reported on “how enzymes found in fungi that live in horse's digestive tracts could assist in production of biofuels. A couple of days ago, I reported on a study where scientists studying rats found 36 genes linked to motivation to exercise. Basically, they were able to breed rats to either be couch potatoes or exercise freaks. Another cool one I did recently was about how the heart, lungs, and blood have scent receptors, like what you find in the nose. Nobody is quite sure why they're there, but the data seems to suggest that they are, for whatever reason.”