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Dr. Alistair Hattingh

Dr. Alistair HattinghDr. Alistair Hattingh, Professor of History, has been teaching at Muskingum since the fall of 2002. During the 2009-10 academic year, he spent eight months living and researching in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hattingh’s research “looks at the relationship between Argentina's federal government and the provinces during the 1930s,” a time when “The government used fraud and intimidation to control the opposition and managed this through its support of friendly politicians in the various provinces.”

Hattingh previously spent over a year in Argentina during 1996-97, working on his dissertation through the University of California Santa Barbara. His dissertation “examined the relationship between Buenos Aires and the provinces of San Juan and Mendoza.”

Since beginning his dissertation, Hattingh has returned every few years to research as he builds his dissertation into a book-length manuscript.

During his most recent trip, Hattingh worked to “examine other key provinces during this period. While I was able to gather a substantial amount of information in the capital, I was also able to use my time in Argentina to travel to several other provinces that I had not visited before, such as Catamarca, Tucumán, and Santiago del Estero.”

In addition to conducting research during his sabbatical, Hattingh also used the time to travel to other parts of South America, and to reconnect with friends made on his previous visits, including both professional colleagues and fútbol friends. They met biweekly to play soccer together.