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Major Areas of Study: PUBLIC AFFAIRS

Course Offerings and Major/Minor Requirements

Major Requirements (42 credit hours)

  • Productivity; money and public finance; investment; and fiscal integrity (9 hours)
    • Economics 215, 216; Accounting 201

  • Guarantees and entitlements; distribution of benefits/subsidies/transfer payments; balance between the public and private sectors; government mandates; regulation; and organizations and bureaucracies (6 hours)
    • Political Science 321; 322

  • Social stability; political process; federalism; law and constitutionalism and political power and corruption (9 hours)
    • Political Science 111, 121
    • Electives: one course from Political Science 311, 312, 313

  • Social Perspectives (3 hours)
    • Electives: one course from History 106 or Sociology 216

  • Problem-solving; inference; and methodological skills (6 hours)
    • Political Science 341
    • Electives: one course from Business 325; Mathematics 140, 340; Psychology 232

  • Balance between the individual and the state (3 hours)
    • Philosophy 203

  • Practical experience and development of research skills (6 hours)
    • Interdisciplinary 300 (Internship for 3 credit hours)
    • Interdisciplinary 490 (Senior Seminar)

NOTE: Major/minor requirements are in addition to the General Education in the Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum, which are required of all students to graduate.

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