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The interdisciplinary public affairs major at Muskingum University is designed to foster civic education and participation, and exposes students to a plethora of different views, insights and theories on government, business, and society. The program is designed to give students the necessary tools for democratic citizenship and to help prepare them for a lifetime of engaged citizenship in the larger world where practical political decision making and democratic deliberation occur.


Student Opportunities


Students who major in public affairs are required to participate in an internship.  Qualified students have the opportunity to study off-campus in the Washington Semester Programs at American University, which include classes at American University and internships, or at World Capitals Program of American University, a semester spent studying in various capital cities around the world.  Our Public Affairs majors may also choose to pursue studies at the John Glenn School of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University in Columbus. Interested and qualified students may also participate in Drew University's United Nations Semester, the London Semester, or the Semester in the European Union in Brussels, Belgium.

In addition to these possibilities, the department maintains an active traditional intern program in the surrounding area.  Opportunities for students include ongoing internship arrangements with local governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, as well as internships with state or federal agencies and elected officials.  Additionally, the advisor to the public affairs major will help interested students make arrangements to intern near their home or summer location.  These experiences provide on-site participation and a chance to apply what was learned in the classroom to a real-world setting.  When students complete their internship, they will have a finished product that can be used to demonstrate critical thinking, writing, statistics, or other skills and attitudes to potential law schools, graduate schools, professional programs, or potential employers.

After Graduation

The Public Affairs program is designed to prepare students for careers with various agencies and organizations at the national, state, and local levels by improving their skills to conduct planning, analysis, and evaluation of programs, projects, and the functioning of organizations.  Options for majors include opportunities in the federal government (in the United States or overseas), state and local government, nonprofit organizations, law, business, international careers, journalism, campaigns and polling, pre-collegiate education, MA/Ph.D. careers, and careers in public service.  Students are encouraged to share their career ideas with their advisor so that she or he can better suggest classes and internships that will enhance the students future success.

Additionally, the Public Affairs major is designed to prepare students for study beyond the bachelors degree in such areas as Law, Business, Public Administration, and Political Science.  Students are encouraged to view their undergraduate education as part of a long-range process of rigorous professional education and preparation. Our recent grads in Public Affairs have primarily gone on to grad school or gotten jobs in the public sector (e.g., Director, Main Street Ohio, City of Cambridge; Zoning Administrator, Zanesville, Planner, Newark, OH and grad programs at Miami Ohio, Ohio University, and Cleveland State University.) 

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