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Major Areas of Study: JOURNALISM

Major/Minor Requirements

Major Requirements (47 credit hours)


  • JOURN 111 Media Writing and Performance
  • JOURN 207 Introduction to Journalism
  • JOURN 208 Editing and Make-Up
  • JOURN 209 News Story Types
  • JOURN 210 Media History & Effects
  • JOURN 305 Investigative Reporting
  • JOURN 312 Electronic Media Structure and Content
  • JOURN 495 Journalism Senior Seminar

Broadcast & Interviewing

  • COMM 211 Audio Production or COMM 308 Single Camera Video Production & Editing
  • COMM 345 Interviewing

    Two of the following (2 hours):
  • COMM 101 (Communication Practica)
  • COMM 201 (Communication Practica)
  • COMM 301 (Communication Practica)
  • COMM 401 (Communication Practica)

Writing, Language, and Ethics

  • ENGL 213 Journalism Design Practicum
  • ENGL 217 Journalism Writing Practicum (1 hour, taken twice)
  • ENGL 315 Feature and Editorial Writing
  • ENGL 316 Public Relations Writing, or ENGL 319 Topics in Creative Nonfiction Writing
  • ENGL 317 Journalism Ethics

  • ART 141 Photography

    Internships ( All internships must be cleared with the Dean's Office in advance)

  • IDIS 300 Print Journalism-Audio or Video Production
  • IDIS 300 Broadcast Journalism-Writing or Photography

    Recommended Electives

  • ART 170
  • ECON 341 Economics of Developing Countries
  • SOCI 216 Social Problems in Contemporary America

On Choosing A Minor

Students who major in journalism may not minor in English or in Speech Communication. They are encouraged to minor in a subject that will allow them to specialize. For example, a student whose primary interest is covering international events could minor in a foreign language. A student interested in covering political news could minor in political science. The possibilities are enormous!

NOTE: Major requirements are in addition to the Liberal Arts Essentials (LAE), which are required of all students to graduate.

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