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Major Areas of Study: GERMAN

Course Offerings and Major/Minor Requirements

Course Offerings
By number with credit-hours in parenthesis.
For more information on a specific course, visit the department web site.

111, 112. Beginning German I, II (3, 4)
123. Masterpieces of German Literature in Translation (3)
211, 212. Intermediate German I, II (4, 4)
251. German Table (1)
291. Advanced German Table (1)
301. Advanced German: Conversation and Pronunciation (3)
302. Advanced German: Grammar and Composition (3)
303. From the Middle Ages through the 19th Century (3)
304. From Expressionism to Post-war Literature (3)
310. Study Abroad Seminar (1)
325. Topics in Contemporary German Society (3)
340. Business German (3)
350. Modern German Cinema (3)
360. Topics in German Language and Culture (1-3)
431. German Culture Seminar (3)

Major Requirements (34 credit hours, if started at 112 or 211; 37 credit hours if starting at 111)

  • Study Abroad
  • German 123, 310, 431
  • One course from another foreign language at the appropriate level
  • Enrollment in German Table (251) expected every semester, required when not enrolled in a German course; 2 hours applied to major or minor
  • No more than one upper level course taught in English is allowed to count toward major requirements.

Minor Requirements (17 hours)

  • Must include German 123

Teacher Licensure Requirements

  • Multi-age Foreign Language (Pre-K through age 21).
  • Visit Education department pages for specific course requirements

NOTE: Major/minor requirements are in addition to the General Education in the Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum, which are required of all students to graduate.

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