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Minor Areas of Study: Film Studies

The Film Studies minor is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of film. Students will examine this art form through a variety of courses that contribute to the understanding of the visual medium of cinema. Given film’s impact in cultural, political and social arenas, the minor is offered in cooperation with various departments such as World Languages, Sociology, Communication, Media and Theatre, and Political Science.

Courses investigate such issues as the history of film, technical aspects of film production, film criticism, and cultural studies of film. Students will benefit by being able to critically examine and evaluate this powerful force in today’s world.



Conroy, Melissa (2004), Associate Professor of Religion, B.A., M.A., University of Toronto; M.Phil, Ph.D., Syracuse University

Tabachnick, David (2003), Associate Professor of Sociology, B.A., Hamilton College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Madison; J.D., University of Wisconsin Law School Madison


Requirements (17 credit hours):

  • IDIS 160, Introduction to Film Studies

  • IDIS 260, Topics in Film (taken twice)

  • 12 hours from the list below:

    • DMD/COMM 300 Visual Communication
    • FREN 350 Survey of French Cinema
    • GERM 350 Modern German Cinema
    • ENGL 386 Topics In Film and Literature
    • POLS 372 Politics in Film
    • RELG 352 Religion and Film
    • SOCI 301 American Society: Class and Culture
    • SOCI 342 Gender, Film, and Society
    • SOCI 380 Visual Sociology
    • SPAN 350 Hispanic Cinema
    • COMM/DMD/JOURN/MEDIA/PBRL 210 Media Literacy
    • COMM/JOURN/MEDIA 308 Single Camera Video Production and Editing
    • THEA 350 History of Film

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