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Muskingum University Learning Communities

"Just as a body is composed of various concordant members, so does the whole circle of learning consist in one harmonious system.  For this reason those who from an early age are initiated in the different branches of learning have a facility in acquiring some knowledge of all, because of their common connection with each other."
- Vitruvius, Ten Books of Architecture, Book I, 12.

Taking, as its primary principle, Muskingum University's purpose statement "to develop ... whole persons," learning communities at the university similarly seek to make a more meaningful whole of students' academic experience. A presently-expanding endeavor, Muskingum University learning communities assist students in making the transition to academic life and responsibilities, and in developing strong academic, social and support networks. At the same time - and in particular - the communities promote: the acquistion of increasingly-advanced academic skills; the integration of knowledge across a breadth of areas needed for success beyond college; further develop a capacity for team-work, critical thinking and life-long learning, and; the creation of a genuine community of scholars dedicated to success and achievement.





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