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Dean's List: Fall of 2014

The Muskingum University Dean's List recognizes the academic achievement of our very best and brightest full-time, degree-seeking, undergraduate students. To be eligible for the List, students must earn a Fall or Spring semester grade point average (GPA) of 3.60 or higher while completing a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours of graded ("A" through "F") coursework.

Dean's Cords: Students who make the Dean's List are eligible to obtain one Dean's Cord for each Fall or Spring semester that they make the Dean's List. The cords are available from the Office of Academic Affairs (Montgomery Hall 100) during regular business hours.

  • Graduating Seniors: Because semester grades are not processed by the Registrar until after the December and May ceremonies, those semesters' cords become available from Academic Affairs once grades are posted in MuskieLink.

The listing below is displayed alphabetically by name, major and hometown.*

Name Major Hometown
Alexa Abrams ECED-SPED Freeport, OH
Jenilee Accurso PSYC Casstown, OH
Matthew Allen CHEM Zanesville, OH
Haylee Alsept CRMJ Dover, OH
Skyler Anderson ECED East Fultonham, OH
Rebecca Angert AMST-HIST Granville, OH
James Antalis BUSMG Cambridge, OH
Claire Ardrey HLTHA-PHLTH Nashport, OH
Sarah Ardrey IDIS Nashport, OH
Marilyn Armitage Martins Ferry, OH
Vanessa Augenstein NONE Vilshofen, Germany
Fernando Avila-Soto CPSC Zanesville, OH
Ferdinand Avila-Soto CPSC Zanesville, OH
Maggie Barnes Granville, OH
Daniel Barr HIST-SOCI Zanesville, OH
Daniel Barth NONE Breitenberg, Germany
Landis Bates PGEOL Mantua, OH
Erika Baum NURS New Concord, OH
Jacklyn Bennett ACCTP-BUSMG Nashport, OH
Taylar Bennett IDIS Augusta, OH
Dietmar Berg NONE Pocking, Germany
Payton Bevard IDIS Nashport, OH
Caroline Bianchetti ECED Princeton Junction, NJ
Hannah Bloom Zanesville, OH
Colleen Boggs SPAN Elyria, OH
Timothy Bongiovanni ACCT-BUSI Byesville, OH
Amber Bova ECED Grove City, OH
Kayleigh Bowe HIST-COMM Coshocton, OH
Marissa Brenly ACCT Warsaw, OH
David Brown Coshocton, OH
Sarah Browning MCED Mason, OH
Loegan Brzezinski IDIS Reynoldsburg, OH
Andrew Buchbinder IDIS Newark, OH
Alison Buchheit MCED Lisbon, OH
Leah Buck MATH Zanesville, OH
Mathew Buckalew SPED New Concord, OH
Anna Bullard Chardon, OH
Jeffrey Burkholder IDIS West Salem, OH
Nadine Burschil NONE Langenzenn, Germany
Brenna Busby IDIS Moon Township, PA
Aliyah Byron PSYC-NRSC Dayton, OH
Laken Camino CRMJ-PSYC Newport, OH
Molly Canfield HIST Wakeman, OH
Pauline Carivenc NONE La Garde, France
Alexis Christman ENGL-CHFST Sarahsville, OH
Glorianna Christmas FREN Shinnston, WV
Tori Clark N Royalton, OH
Rochelle Clark IDIS Smithville, OH
Stephanie Clark CHEM Hamilton, OH
Ashton Clarke ATHT Zanesville, OH
Liberty Cline Gratiot, OH
Eric Coen BUSI Massillon, OH
Claudia Coffey COMM Thornville, OH
Matthew Connor Pataskala, OH
Lyle Cowgill BUSMK-BUSMG Alliance, OH
Morgan Craig IDIS Massillon, OH
Amber Craver ECED Byesville, OH
Jill Crone MCED Shreve, OH
Danielle Crown ECED Coshocton, OH
Heather Daniel ECED Tiffin, OH
Angela Darnley BUSMG-ACCTP Canton, OH
Jay Dean BUSMK-BUSMG Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Haylea Debolt CHEM Uhrichsville, OH
Fabien Defer NONE Le Luc En Provence, France
Christina Dettenkofer NONE Alteglafsheim, Germany
Allison Dickson BUSMG New Concord, OH
Corey Dillon ACCTP-BUSMG Miamisburg, OH
Manuela Dippl NONE Hofkirchen, Germany
Jordan Douglas ECED-CHFST New Concord, OH
Nathan Duff ENGR Kettering, OH
Antony Dunlap Zanesville, OH
Markie Dunn ENGL-FREN Zanesville, OH
Jami Durkee MATH Cambridge, OH
Stephanie Ellis ECED Newcomerstown, OH
Kurt Englehart POLS Philo, OH
Benjamin Evick EVSC St. Clairsville, OH
Leigh Fabynick ACCTP-BUSMG Sugarcreek, OH
Erin Fetters PSYC Sardinia, OH
Elizabeth Files IDIS Plain City, OH
Mallory Fischer MUED Bridgeport, OH
Brackin Fish Bowerston, OH
Kelly Florian ENGL Coshocton, OH
Julie Fobes NURS Marietta, OH
Tanisha Ford Conneaut, OH
Ali Forgrave Somerset, OH
Emily Francis ECED-SPED Russia, OH
Raven Francis Amanda, OH
Meghan Frey ECED-SPED Cincinnati, OH
Timothy Fries BUSMG-ECON-BUSMK Fairlawn, OH
Joseph Galloway CRMJ-SOCI Kimbolton, OH
Fallon Gawry NURS Chardon, OH
Li Ge INTBU-BUSMK Lanzhou, China
Lydia Gebhart ECED Marietta, OH
Martin Gerwallner NONE Arnstorf, Germany
Spencer Gibbs ACCTP Byesville, OH
Tara Glaze IDIS Lancaster, OH
Cameron Godfrey CHEM Dresden, OH
Dean Granitsas ENGL-PHIL New Concord, OH
Samuel Green SPED Lancaster, OH
Hannah Gregory SPED Cambridge, OH
Timothy Gross PHED-HLED New Concord, OH
Hanlin Guo DMD Lanzhou, China
Kendra Gutridge ECED Zanesville, OH
Kade Haddox ACCTP Zanesville, OH
Kelsey Hague IDIS Quaker City, OH
Molly Hahlen ECED-SPED Dublin, OH
Logan Hall IDIS South Lebanon, OH
Jason Hammond BUSI Warsaw, OH
Connor Hann EVSC Chagrin Falls, OH
Jamie Harman ENGL Zanesville, OH
Elizabeth Harper ECED Las Vegas, NV
Elizabeth Hartman ENGL-POLS-CRMJ Canal Winchester, OH
Jennifer Hastings EVSC-BIOL Uniontown, OH
Kaitlyn Haynes MUED Canal Winchester, OH
Jingjing He ACCT-BUSMG Lanzhou, China
Mikaela Headley HLTHA-PHLTH Beallsville, OH
Jacob Heady ECON-ACCTP-BUSMK Byesville, OH
Kaleigh Hendrix BUSMG-BUSMK Republic, OH
Britnian Henry NURS Dayton, OH
Erin Higham Rocky River, OH
Allyson Holbrook SPED Reynoldsburg, OH
Rylee Holman CHEM-POLS Westerville, OH
Kimberly Holmes CHEM Marblehead, OH
Maribeth Holtel DMD-BUSI Carbon Hill, OH
Austin Hook-Anderson BIOL Nelsonville, OH
Krystina Horvath HLTHF-HLTHA Westlake, OH
Ryosuke Hosoi ECON Suginami-Ku, Japan
Katherine Hunt BUSMK Pickerington, OH
Kaylee Hunt BIOL Byesville, OH
Elyssa Hurley MUED Delaware, OH
Kelsey Ivy ACCT Fremont, OH
Shawn Jacklitch Parma, OH
Sandra Jakob NONE Waldkirchen, Germany
Amanda James BIOL-PHLTH Zanesville, OH
Rachel Jamiel IDIS Cambridge, OH
Hannah Jeffers ECED-SPED Sand Creek, MI
Troy Jones GEOL Coshocton, OH
Kassandra Kale Jewett, OH
Laura Kalesse NONE Trostberg, Germany
Karley Kaser HLTHA New Concord, OH
Danielle Kindel EVSC Middleburg Heights, OH
Jessica King HIST-INTAF Byesville, OH
Kelsey Kirkpatrick ECED-SPED Waverly, WV
Elizabeth Knauss NRSC Parma, OH
Michael Koelbl NONE Neuburg Am Inn, Germany
Michael Konen CRMJ-POLS Akron, OH
Cody Lake HIST Norwich, OH
Sean Lally ENGR Columbus, OH
Jiajin Lan ART Lanzhou, China
Heidi Landis GEOL-CHEM New Waterford, OH
Luke Larson HIST-POLS Norwich, OH
Rashelle Lashley NRSC Lore City, OH
Matteson Lauroesch SPED Corning, NY
Nicolette Law ECED Cambridge, OH
Jesse Ledger IDIS Cadiz, OH
Alexandra Leggett CVSC Bowerston, OH
Rose LeVally INTAF-INTBU Grove City, OH
Steven Levin CRMJ-HIST Westerville, OH
Tianyi Li NONE Foshan City, China
Yuezhi Li IDIS Lanzhou, China
Alyssa Lightcap NURS West Milton, OH
Blake Lillibridge Coshocton, OH
Taylor Little HIST-POLS New Philadelphia, OH
Madeline Lobaugh MUED McDonald, OH
Samuel Lucas HLED-PHED Springboro, OH
Kristin Mace PSYC Tipp City, OH
Leeah Mahon AMST-HIST Philo, OH
Melissa Maiorano CHEM Youngstown, OH
Kelly Martin MATH Greenville, OH
Mackenzie Martin ENGR Vandalia, OH
Mariah Mathews IDIS Grove City, OH
Brittany Matthews ACCT-BUSMK-BUSMG Cambridge, OH
Anna Mayo CHEM Proctorville, OH
Hannah McIntire PSYC New Concord, OH
Lauren McKell IDIS Chillicothe, OH
Mallory McNabb ACCTP-BUSMG Zanesville, OH
Katherine McQuain Zanesville, OH
Amber McVicker ECED-SPED Caldwell, OH
Alexander Meyers ECON-MATH Woodstock, GA
Allison Millat Newark, OH
Tyler Miller ENGR Labelle, PA
Bradley Miller BUSMG Hanoverton, OH
Austin Mills Blue Rock, OH
Connie Montoney HIST Orient, OH
Alicia Moore MCED Newcomerstown, OH
Leigha Moran ACCTP-BUSMG Frazeysburg, OH
Hayley Morgan Newark, OH
Emily Mosher ACCT-BUSMK-BUSMG New London, OH
Alexandre Moya NONE Le Luc, France
Cynthia Mullins MCED-CHRED Clinton, OH
Meghan Murray Dublin, OH
Chase Myers MUED Zanesville, OH
Matthew Nardi PHYS Claysville, PA
Nicole Navicky IDIS Medina, OH
Wyatt Nelson HIST Zanesville, OH
Autumn Nelson Malta, OH
Amanda Nemeth CPSC Coshocton, OH
Courtney Nestoff MATH North Olmsted, OH
Jonnie Neuhart DMD-COMM Cambridge, OH
Evan Nord BUSMG-BUSMK Shillington, PA
Kenzie Norris SPED Zanesville, OH
MacKenzie Oakley BIOL Buchtel, OH
Steven O'Hara ATHT Beaver Falls, PA
Kristin Oliver Worthington, OH
Hannah Opst IDIS Hillsboro, OH
Abigail Orr IDIS Wintersville, OH
Alexandra Petri Springboro, OH
Cody Pettit POLS-COMM Zanesville, OH
Kaylee Piatt COMM-MUSC Vandalia, OH
Jessica Poff BIOL Simi Valley, CA
Breeanna Poland SOCI Newark, OH
Victoria Potter Coshocton, OH
Clorissa Potts ECED Duncan Falls, OH
Collin Raborn Verona, PA
Harrison Raub BIOL-EVSC Louisville, OH
Kayla Rausch COMM-DMD New Philadelphia, OH
Daniela Recker NONE Passau, Germany
Hannah Reese COMM Uniontown, OH
Katherine Reid BIOL Mount Perry, OH
Emma Retherford ACCTP Zanesville, OH
Kelly Rhodes ACCTP Somerset, OH
Justin Rich SPED Sarahsville, OH
Jordan Richards ECED Norwich, OH
Megan Ritts IDIS Montville, OH
Angelo Roberts POLS Nashport, OH
Shane Roberts SPED Barnesville, OH
Joshua Rogoff MATH Cincinnati, OH
Jessica Rucker CHEM Rocky River, OH
Kage Rush BUSMG-ACCTP Woodsfield, OH
Stacy Russell ENGL-MUSC Zanesville, OH
Sara Sawdey ECED Powell, OH
Arika Sayer IDIS Alexandria, OH
Dylan Sayre CVSC Beverly, OH
Jason Schaumleffel POLS Nashport, OH
Katharina Schindler NONE Strullendorf, Germany
Rachel Schlarb COMM-JOURN West Lafayette, OH
Alex Schoenmoser NONE Simbach Am Inn, Germany
Cody Seiler CRMJ Orrville, OH
William Shaffer CPSC-BUSI Cambridge, OH
Janelle Shaffer NURS Seville, OH
Anna Sharier BIOL Canal Fulton, OH
Jacob Shoup MATH-PHYS-ENGR Hilliard, OH
Kayla Shreve MCED Cumberland, OH
Joseph Shumar ACCT-BUSMG Maineville, OH
Karen Sidwell ACCTP-BUSI-ECON Zanesville, OH
Elizabeth Sites BUSMK Sheffield Lake, OH
Thomas Sliva SPED Adena, OH
Kristina Smith ECED Cambridge, OH
Robert Smith BUSMG-BUSMK Dellroy, OH
Caitlyn Smith IDIS Lore City, OH
Zachary Snively MCED-MATH Plain City, OH
Shalon Snyder SOCI Zanesville, OH
David Stainbrook IDIS Zanesville, OH
Renee Staudt Galloway, OH
Bryson Stephen BUSI-ECON-POLS Barnesville, OH
Sydney Sterling Nashport, OH
Rachel Steward ACCTP Wooster, OH
Sarah Stine ECED-SPED Cumberland, OH
Mathew Stuart ACCT-BUSMK Sullivan, OH
Yinghui Su ECON-MATH Lanzhou, China
Kenta Suzuki MATH Tanyo-Cho, Ichinomiya, Japan
Jesse Swope CRMJ-EVSC Harrisonville, PA
Donald Taylor ACCTP-ECON-BUSMG Galloway, OH
Sebastian Teas GEOL-FREN Zanesville, OH
Lauren Thomas CHFST Marion, OH
Mercedes Tonnous Caldwell, OH
Matthew Triola IDIS Akron, OH
Kristen Uhrin ECED Grove City, OH
Jacob Van Leeuwen CHEM Kettering, OH
Shelbi Van Meter IDIS Crooksville, OH
Aaron Vance MUED Mount Gilead, OH
Andrea VanScyoc ACCT Sarahsville, OH
Devan Vaughn Beverly, OH
Josie Vernon NURS Adamsville, OH
Dalton Vidosh IDIS Galloway, OH
Laina Walker BUSMG-BUSMK Kittanning, PA
Brandon Walker New Concord, OH
Camille Walker BIOL Hagerstown, MD
Manxin Wang ACCTP-INTBU Lanzhou, China
Kari Ward ECED-SPED Zanesville, OH
Sara Warner FREN Newcomerstown, OH
Sara Watson IDIS Gnadenhutten, OH
Xinxin Wei ACCTP-BUSMG New Concord, OH
Hailee Wells BUSMG-BUSMK Groveport, OH
Broc Wilkins Glenford, OH
Trevor Wilkinson ACCTP-ECON Cambridge, OH
Shannon Williams BUSMG-ECON-BUSMK Flushing, OH
Jennifer Williams BUSMG-BUSMK Coshocton, OH
Alyssa Williams IDIS Cambridge, OH
Kelsey Willoughby SPED-ECED New Philadelphia, OH
Alysha Wilson ACCT-BUSMG-BUSMK Coshocton, OH
Kathryn Wilson ECED-SPED Windsor, OH
Robert Witosky ACCTP-BUSMG Lancaster, OH
Megan Woodward ECED-SPED Geneva, OH
Jiaxin Yang ACCTP-BUSMG-ECON Lanzhou, China
Jie Yu NONE Shanghai, China
Kayla Zellers HLTHF Pataskala, OH
Ruizhen Zhang BUSMG Lanzhou, China
Xiaoxuan Zhang ACCT Jingchang, China


*Please note that, for reasons of privacy, some students may have opted not to have their names published.

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