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Dean's List: Spring of 2016

The Muskingum University Dean's List recognizes the academic achievement of our very best and brightest full-time, degree-seeking, undergraduate students. To be eligible for the List, students must earn a Fall or Spring semester grade point average (GPA) of 3.60 or higher while completing a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours of graded ("A" through "F") coursework.

Dean's Cords: Students who make the Dean's List are eligible to obtain one Dean's Cord for each Fall or Spring semester that they make the Dean's List. The cords are available from the Office of Academic Affairs (Montgomery Hall 100) during regular business hours.

As the office is generally closed on event days such as Commencement and Scholarship Recognition Day, students are to collect their cords well in advance of the dates that they are to be worn.

  • Graduating Seniors: Because semester grades are not processed by the Registrar until after the December and May ceremonies, those semesters' cords become available from Academic Affairs once grades are posted in MuskieLink.

The listing below is displayed alphabetically by name, major and hometown.
- Please note that, for reasons of privacy, some students may have opted not to have their names published.

Name Major Hometown  
Jenilee Accurso Casstown, OH  
Holly R. Ackerman ACCTP-ECON Martins Ferry, OH  
Dallas R. Allen CRMJ Hilliard, OH  
Keely M. Ames GERM-HIST Copley, OH  
Rebecca A. Angert New Concord, OH  
James A. Antalis BUSMG-ACCTP Cambridge, OH  
Sarah A. Ardrey Nashport, OH  
Claire E. Ardrey Nashport, OH  
Alexandra K. Arnold Birmingham, MI  
Fernando X. Avila-Soto Zanesville, OH  
Ferdinand G. Avila-Soto Zanesville, OH  
Sotiria N. Bailey ENGL Zanesville, OH  
Holly A. Baker NURS Zanesville, OH  
Brianna L. Baker ENGL-HUMA Lore City, OH  
Sierra D. Ball ECED New Concord, OH  
John C. Barba, II PSYC-NRSC Cambridge, OH  
Trevor S. Basham GEOL-PGEOL New Concord, OH  
Tacy A. Bates BUSMK Cambridge, OH  
Brent A. Bates ACCT West Lafayette, OH  
Landis G. Bates PGEOL-EVSC Mantua, OH  
Josie L. Baum PSYC Garrettsville, OH  
Erika C. Baum NURS New Concord, OH  
Amber N. Bauman Orient, OH  
Mary K. Becker HLSC Newport, OH  
Teresa Bennett NURS Zanesville, OH  
Jacklyn T. Bennett ACCT Nashport, OH  
Derek P. Bennett HLTHF New Concord, OH  
Olivia K. Besancon BUSMG-BUSMK Smithville, OH  
Miranda J. Bishop PGEOL Creston, OH  
Colleen M. Boggs SPAN Elyria, OH  
Elizabeth F. Bostic ENGL-MATH Hamilton, OH  
Derek D. Boyer HLTHM Junction City, OH  
Sean G. Bradford HLTHF New Concord, OH  
Benjamin J. Bricker ACCTP Marietta, OH  
Lindsay R. Brindack PSYC-ENGL Louisville, OH  
Olivia N. Brown COMM-THEA Oak Hill, OH  
Debra Brown CHFST Cambridge, OH  
Sarah N. Browning Mason, OH  
Tristan M. Bruce HLTHF Flushing, OH  
Alexander N. Bryant ATHT New Lexington, OH  
Loegan E. Brzezinski ECED-SPED Reynoldsburg, OH  
Leah E. Buck MATH Zanesville, OH  
Mathew A. Buckalew New Concord, OH  
Alexander Buechner NONE Reichertshofen, German  
Nikola Burkard NONE Groebenzell, Germany  
Jordan M. Burkholder IDIS New Lexington, OH  
Jeffrey H. Burkholder CHEM West Salem, OH  
Jenna A. Burlingame-Arthu MLS Reynoldsburg, OH  
Brenna S. Busby COMM-ENGL Moon Township, PA  
Aliyah D. Byron Cincinnati, OH  
Judy J. Caldwell MLS Thornville, OH  
Laken N. Camino Vermilion, OH  
Allyson E. Campbell HLTHF-CRMJ Medina, OH  
Taylor A. Carpenter ACCTP Quaker City, OH  
Colin M. Cassidy BUSMG-BUSMK-ECON Mc Dermott, OH  
Emily Cermak ACCT Freeport, OH  
Jiunan E. Chen PSYC-CHFST Lower Burrell, PA  
Xinyi Chen ART-DMD Lanzhou, China  
Alexis D. Christman ENGL-CHFST Sarahsville, OH  
Logan J. Chuppa POLS North Royalton, OH  
Kylie N. Cisco HLTHF Lancaster, OH  
Amy M. Clark BUSMG Titusville, PA  
Stephanie E. Clark CHEM Hamilton, OH  
Shayla M. Cohen SPAN-HLTHA Zanesville, OH  
Stephanie Collopy NURS Dresden, OH  
Adam J. Cook Zanesville, OH  
Maala M. Cox MATH Cumberland, OH  
Ashley J. Cox HLSC Columbus, OH  
Stephen L. Cox NURS Coshocton, OH  
Lakyn S. Craig HLTHF Saint Clairsville, OH  
Kaylee M. Craig BUSMG Waterford, OH  
Angela N. Crane Nashport, OH  
Hannah J. Daley SPED Zanesville, OH  
Jessica M. Dalrymple MUSC Clearwater, FL  
Heather A. Daniel Tiffin, OH  
Angela L. Darnley Canton, OH  
Cody A. Daugherty CRMJ Cambridge, OH  
Ariana C. Del Signore ENGL Londonderry, NH  
Toni J. DeLong HLSC Malvern, OH  
Melissa A. Dennis MLS Nashport, OH  
Allison L. Dickson BUSMG-BUSMK-ECON New Concord, OH  
Erich C. Diebold MUED Bremen, OH  
Corey M. Dillon ACCTP-BUSMG Miamisburg, OH  
Heath E. Dodson HLTHF Norwich, OH  
Ian T. Dooley Dresden, OH  
Haley M. Dotson BUSMG Piqua, OH  
Ashley N. Dowler BIOL-CVSC Belpre, OH  
Juan D. Dunlap CPSC-ENGL Bethesda, OH  
Hunter D. Dyer MCED Senecaville, OH  
Matthew W. Early ENGL-COMM Gahanna, OH  
Erica Etters HLTHM Cumberland, OH  
Ben Evick St. Clairsville, OH  
Holden D. Fellers CRMJ-POLS Tuscarawas, OH  
Erin P. Fetters PSYC Sardinia, OH  
Robert L. Fields III BUSMG-HLTHA Akron, OH  
Elizabeth M. Files SPED-MUED Plain City, OH  
Kyle R. Finnell Nashport, OH  
Mallory R. Fischer MUED Bridgeport, OH  
Kelly L. Florian Coshocton, OH  
Julie S. Fobes NURS Marietta, OH  
Elizabeth A. Ford HIST Slippery Rock, PA  
Emily M. Francis ECED-SPED Russia, OH  
Jacob D. Francisco CPSC Elyria, OH  
Derrek A. Fulk Crooksville, OH  
Joseph H. Galloway Kimbolton, OH  
Stephanie Garcia Boynton Beach, FL  
Amber E. Godfrey HLTHA Dresden, OH  
Sarah J. Gotschall ART-PSYC Cambridge, OH  
Garret E. Graehling GERM-INTBU-BUSMG Mentor, OH  
Lindsey M. Grafe Gahanna, OH  
Samuel E. Green SPED Lancaster, OH  
Marie A. Guengant NONE Cuers, France  
Kelsey D. Hague BUSMK-ACCT Quaker City, OH  
Molly M. Hahlen ECED-SPED Dublin, OH  
Sara L. Hall NURS Shelby, OH  
Lauren M. Hambel Sterling, OH  
Connor W. Hann Chagrin Falls, OH  
Rebecca C. Hargus BIOL Hopewell, OH  
Elizabeth G. Hartman Canal Winchester, OH  
Jennifer L. Hastings Uniontown, OH  
Kaitlyn R. Haynes MUED Canal Winchester, OH  
Tingyu He ACCT Lanzhou, China  
Jingjing He ACCT-INTBU Lanzhou, China  
Mikaela D. Headley HLTHA-PHLTH Beallsville, OH  
Jacob D. Heady ECON-ACCTP-BUSMK Byesville, OH  
Lance G. Hecker Zanesville, OH  
Erica L. Herron MLS Urbana, OH  
Christopher G. Herzig HLSC Malvern, OH  
Brittany K. Higgenbotham POLS Bridgeport, OH  
Rylee R. Holman Westerville, OH  
Kimberly A. Holmes CHEM Marblehead, OH  
Christine M. Holmes Youngstown, OH  
Austin J. Hook-Anderson BIOL Nelsonville, OH  
Dylan M. Hooper INTAF South Vienna, OH  
Mitchell A. Horner PGEOL New Concord, OH  
Krystina N. Horvath HLTHF-HLTHA Westlake, OH  
Ryosuke Hosoi Suginami-Ku, Japan  
Kaylee J. Hunt BIOL Byesville, OH  
Katherine A. Hunt BUSMK Pickerington, OH  
Victoria L. Hupp HIST Caldwell, OH  
Ayesha N. Jackson Washington, DC  
Cameron M. James POLS-INTAF Duncan Falls, OH  
Rachel A. Jamiel CHEM Cambridge, OH  
Joshua A. Jamiel ACCT Cambridge, OH  
Lisa Janczewski BUSMG New Concord, OH  
Teryn A. Jarrett SPED Beallsville, OH  
Hannah M. Jeffers ECED-SPED Sand Creek, MI  
Nikki R. Jobe INTAF-SPAN Coshocton, OH  
Deirdre D. Johnson Cambridge, OH  
Chrystal S. Jones ACCT Dover, OH  
Elita D. Jones BIOL Thornville, OH  
Sheri A. Jozwiak SPED St Clairsville, OH  
Anthony J. Kall ATHT Medina, OH  
Andrew J. Kazmierczak BUSMG-BUSMK Grove City, OH  
Danielle N. Kindel EVSC Middleburg Heights, OH  
Jessica D. King Byesville, OH  
Danielle M. King SPED Zanesville, OH  
Kelsey R. Kirkpatrick ECED-SPED Waverly, WV  
Michael T. Konen CRMJ-POLS Akron, OH  
Denise M. Labis HLTHF Lorain, OH  
Cody B. Lake Norwich, OH  
Julia R. Langan EVSC-BIOL Medina, OH  
Luke J. Larson HIST-POLS Norwich, OH  
Rashelle A. Lashley NRSC Lore City, OH  
Nicolette J. Law ECED Cambridge, OH  
Breanna J. Learn New Concord, OH  
Parker M. Lee IDIS Dublin, OH  
Brett L. Lenarz BUSMG-HIST-ECON Pleasant City, OH  
Eli J. Lewis HLTHF Zanesville, OH  
Kayla M. Lewis ECED Beverly, OH  
Yuezhi Li MATH-ECON Lanzhou, China  
Kayla R. Lindamood Eagan, MN  
Sarah R. Liston ENGL Rayland, OH  
Taylor J. Little New Philadelphia, OH  
Lucas C. Lloyd IDIS Martins Ferry, OH  
Samuel D. Lucas HLED-PHED New Concord, OH  
Breanne D. Lutz BUSMG-HLTHA Canton, OH  
Ethan S. Lynch ECED Republic, OH  
Kristin L. Mace PSYC Tipp City, OH  
Johnathan M. MacLean ATHT-HLTHF Zanesville, OH  
Talia M. Magestro MCED Stow, OH  
Leeah N. Mahon CHFST-HIST Philo, OH  
Kelly A. Martin Greenville, OH  
Levi D. Masters MUED New Concord, OH  
Deric M. Matesic BUSMG-ACCTP Senecaville, OH  
Mariah L. Mathews CHFST Grove City, OH  
Brittany A. Matthews Cambridge, OH  
Anna K. Mayo CHEM Proctorville, OH  
Kelleigh N. McCarthy West Chester, OH  
Darren M. McCaughan MUED Cambridge, OH  
Lindsay M. McClintock Zanesville, OH  
Drew McDaniel INF Newark, OH  
Sara E. McGee Barnesville, OH  
John A. McKay, Jr. MLS Coshocton, OH  
Lauren McKell ATHT-HLTHF Chillicothe, OH  
Michelle L. McKenna HLSC-CHLTH Nashport, OH  
Carrie J. McPherson MLS Zanesville, OH  
Alexander D. Meyers ECON-MATH Woodstock, GA  
Chandrika Misra New Delhi, India  
Zachary A. Mitchell HLTHA-HLTHF Bolivar, OH  
Shinnosuke Miwa ECON Sagamihara-Shi, Japan  
Gene W. Montgomery Clayton, OH  
Mary L. Moody PSYC Pleasant City, OH  
Alicia R. Moore ENGL-MCED Newcomerstown, OH  
Brandon M. Moore Massillon, OH  
Leigha E. Moran Frazeysburg, OH  
Victoria C. Morgan SPAN McMurray, PA  
Kelley L. Morgan NURS Zanesville, OH  
Paige N. Morrow RELG Zanesville, OH  
Cynthia F. Mullins ECED-CHRED Clinton, OH  
Giovanni J. Myers Canton, OH  
Matthew T. Nardi PHYS Claysville, PA  
Lanna M. Neale ECED New Concord, OH  
Catherine E. Nelson HLSC Zanesville, OH  
Amanda M. Nemeth CPSC Coshocton, OH  
Jonnie L. Neuhart DMD-COMM Cambridge, OH  
Meghan R. Niswander Lucas, OH  
Anthony T. Norris BUSHR Zanesville, OH  
Natalie K. O'Dell ECED-SPED Vincent, OH  
Steven O'Hara ATHT-HLTHF Beaver Falls, PA  
Alysha N. O'Neal Coshocton, OH  
Abigail J. Orr MATH Wintersville, OH  
Kelsey G. Overley Cincinnati, OH  
Tanner J. Owens HLTHF-PHLTH Dellroy, OH  
Surya Patel ENGR Edison, NJ  
Lauren E. Peadon Frazeysburg, OH  
Lori M. Peck MLS Newark, OH  
Jenna M. Pendleton IDIS Springfield, OH  
Jennifer L. Philibin MLS Akron, OH  
Abigail C. Pidock Columbus, OH  
Miranda J. Plumly ECED-SPED Barnesville, OH  
Alexandra R. Preston ECED-SPED Mount Vernon, OH  
Morgan F. Price ECED-SPED Waynesville, OH  
Deidre M. Prince IDIS Dresden, OH  
Lindsey D. Prouty ACCTP Dresden, OH  
Kaitlyn A. Ragsdale CPSC Byesville, OH  
Allison A. Rasor Zanesville, OH  
Harrison D. Raub BIOL-EVSC Louisville, OH  
Jonathan R. Raugh CVSC Bluffton, IN  
Kayla M. Rausch New Philadelphia, OH  
Paige A. Reiss SPAN Nashport, OH  
Olivia A. Rhodes INTBU-SPAN Cambridge, OH  
Jordan K. Richards ECED Norwich, OH  
Katherine K. Riepenhoff BUSMG-BUSMK-ECON Loveland, OH  
Jordan A. Risner CVSC Huntsville, OH  
Angelo J. Roberts Nashport, OH  
John C. Robinson MLS Junction City, OH  
Darci N. Robinson MUED Duncan Falls, OH  
Paige M. Rogers BIOL Beaverreek, OH  
Katie A. Rominger MATH Freeport, OH  
Hannah J. Rummell MLS Alliance, OH  
Stacy W. Russell ENGL-MUSC Zanesville, OH  
Logan W. Ryan HLTHF-HLTHA Gnadenhutten, OH  
Edwardo J. Salazar POLS Sebring, OH  
Matthew A. Schley POLS-PUBAD Canal Fulton, OH  
Maggie D. Schultz Cambridge, OH  
Cody M. Seiler Orrville, OH  
Summer M. Setliff Medina, OH  
Emma L. Shaffer BUSMG-ACCT New Concord, OH  
Joseph L. Shumar ACCT-BUSMG-BUSMK Maineville, OH  
Chad D. Sinkovich GERM-ACCTP Canton, OH  
Elizabeth N. Sites BUSMK Sheffield Lake, OH  
Alyssa D. Smeltzer PSYC Nashport, OH  
Ciara K. Smith BIOL Lewisville, OH  
Katie E. Snider Coshocton, OH  
Zachary J. Snively Plain City, OH  
Taylor N. Sowers ECED-SPED Cambridge, OH  
Kelli C. Stack Lorain, OH  
Tyler J. Steinke ACCTP-BUSMG Sidney, OH  
Madison T. Stephen BUSMG-BUSMK-HLTHA Jerusalem, OH  
Rachel M. Steward Wooster, OH  
Sarah B. Stine Cumberland, OH  
Morgan B. Stocker ENGL-JOURN Cambridge, OH  
Brooke T. Stoner HLTHF-PHED Onsted, MI  
Lynn T. Stotts ACCT Roseville, OH  
Derek J. Strouse ENGL Granville, OH  
Victoria A. Stuard IDIS Lawrenceburg, IN  
Tori A. Sullivan PSYC Byesville, OH  
Yajie Sun NONE Nantong City, China  
Kenta Suzuki MATH Ichinomiya, Japan  
Jesse R. Swope EVSC Harrisonville, PA  
Tara N. Taylor ECED Cincinnati, OH  
Stephanie J. Taylor RELG Zanesville, OH  
Donald J. Taylor Galloway, OH  
Mallory P. Taylor PHED Kimbolton, OH  
Paige K. Taylor Sarahsville, OH  
Ko Terasawa IDIS Hachioji-Shi, Japan  
Alaina J. Tharp CHFST Zanesville, OH  
Kathryn M. Thompson-Taylo ENGL Cincinnati, OH  
Christina L. Thorngate ECED Roseville, OH  
Harley C. Tom NURS Zanesville, OH  
Matthew T. Triola INTBU-ENGL Akron, OH  
Cara L. Uetrecht MCED Cincinnati, OH  
Anthony W. Untied INF Zanesville, OH  
Jacob R. Van Leeuwen CHEM Kettering, OH  
Shelbi A. Van Meter ATHT-HLTHF Crooksville, OH  
Aaron J. Vance Mount Gilead, OH  
Josie N. Vernon NURS Adamsville, OH  
Dalton R. Vidosh ACCTP-BUSMG Galloway, OH  
Michael R. Vogel HLTHA Waynesville, OH  
Katlyn I. Wagner ECED-SPED Norwich, OH  
Larah R. Waite IDIS Nashport, OH  
Laina R. Walker Kittanning, PA  
Reilly J. Walsh IDIS Cambridge Springs, PA  
Yihan Wang NONE Lanzhou, China  
Sara M. Watson BUSMG-BUSMK-ACCT Gnadenhutten, OH  
Paige A. Watterman NONE Columbus, OH  
Logan A. Weaver DMD Malta, OH  
Danielle L. Weber Uhrichsville, OH  
Xinxin Wei ACCTP-BUSMG New Concord, OH  
Lacey T. West HLTHF-PHLTH-HLED Cambridge, OH  
Mary E. Westermayer HIST Zanesville, OH  
Samuel C. Wilhelm PGEOL Zanesville, OH  
Trevor W. Wilkinson ACCTP-ECON Cambridge, OH  
Austin W. Wilkinson ACCTP Cambridge, OH  
Isabella H. Williams CHEM-BIOL Pickerington, OH  
Jennifer A. Williams Coshocton, OH  
Carrie Williamson NURS New Concord, OH  
Cora L. Willis ECED Millersport, OH  
Kathryn R. Wilson ECED-SPED Windsor, OH  
Mara L. Wilson BUSMG-BUSMK Marion, OH  
Melinda S. Wisecarver NURS Zanesville, OH  
Haley M. Wyatt IDIS Zanesville, OH  
Jordan E. Youngs NURS North Lima, OH  
Erica M. Yovanovich ECED Barberton, OH  
Yaxi Yu NONE Lanzhou, China  
Macey M. Zambori BIOL Saint Clairsville, OH  
Ying Zhao NONE Lanzhou, China  

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