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Exceptional Education. Exceptional Value.

Ask Muskingum students what they most like about the University, and, chances are, you’ll hear about the people and the quality of the academic program.  Combining solid classroom curricula with a level of field work and independent study rarely encountered in an undergraduate setting, Muskingum promotes active daily interaction among students, faculty and staff.  In the classroom and laboratory, on the stage or playing field, in the residence and dining halls, and through internships and study-abroad experiences, Muskingum offers the environment of a true learning community.

Muskingum has always been committed to providing affordable education, and in 1996 the University, responding to universal concerns about the rising cost of college, took an unprecedented step when it lowered tuition by $4,000. The lower tuition rate simplified college financing by providing a more reasonable starting point, making a Muskingum education more affordable, and more accessible, to students at all income levels.

In recent years Muskingum has experienced record enrollments, which is an affirmation not so much to the new price structure, but rather to the satisfaction levels of students who, perhaps encouraged by the lower tuition model, decided to enroll. The high-quality academic and personal experience, combined with greater affordability, defines educational value for Muskingum students and their families.

Muskingum University - exceptional education, exceptional value!